24 Hours in Xtremen Basics

24 Hours in Xtremen Basics

Everyone needs a go to pair of underwear, one that will carry them comfortably wherever they go. A good pair of underwear is essential to everyday living. Follow us through 24 Hours in Xtremen Basics, a highly versatile performance line of underwear.

8 AM

When your alarm rings in the morning, you roll over and begin to wake up in the Poly-Cotton Boxer still fitted comfortably to your thigh. Your first instinct is to hit snooze, so you do, granting yourself an extra ten minutes. It’s the kind of morning where you wake up so content that you want to sleep all day. But, the alarm eventually goes off a second time, so you slide out of the sheets, slip out of the Poly-Cotton Boxer and hop in the shower.

After toweling off, you decide to jump into a bold, yet comfortable pair of boxer briefs. You choose the Bold Long Boxer in red for a pop of color. Not yet thinking of what lays ahead this work day, you head downstairs and prepare a pot of coffee before sitting down in the breakfast nook to read the Times.

Coffee: Check

News: Check

Alright, it’s time to get ready and suit up. On the drive to work you notice how comfortable you are, barely feeling the Bold Long Boxer between you and your pants. When you walk up to your office door you feel refreshed and ready.

6 PM

After work you decide it’s time to hit the gym. In the locker room, you change into your Xtremen Boxer in blue for an active performance while you lift. It isn’t a trip to the gym without spending some well-earned time in the sauna. You strip out of the Boxer, steam up, and rinse off before changing into a fresh, clean pair of the Poly-Cotton Boxer in grey, knowing that it will be comfortable enough to sleep in.

As you walk through the front door, bae is ready with a surprise. Your dinner is ready! Tacos! Cerveza! What a treat! Full and contented, it’s time to get out of that suit and into some sweats. You curl up with a Steinbeck novel and imagine what James Dean was like on the set of East of Eden.

Bedtime nears, so you hop in bed. Flip the pillow, hit the light, and doze. Sleep easily, sleep comfortably knowing your boxers won’t bunch. Another big day ahead tomorrow.

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