Cocksox Mood Ring: What’s Your Cocksox Mood?

You’ve probably heard about it, know about it, or have it tucked in the back of your closet in your random knick-knack box. Mood rings are simple: a thin band adorned with a temperature responsive stone. The makers of this nostalgic fashion jewelry sold it on the basis that the stone will correlate to your body temperature to display your given mood at that moment which you can match on a mood chart. If you are stressed, your body temperature may cool down. If you are happy, you may have a more passionate color. Obviously, results aren’t consistent when other temperatures are introduced to the environment, but it’s fun to play with this throwback style. Mood rings don’t quite have the traction for another sartorial comeback, but it was tremendously popular in the ’70s and with younger kids. It’s fun to wear your attitude out loud and use color to better effectively broadcast your mood for that day. If you are looking for a way to punch up your style and add a nostalgic wink to your outfit, check out these Cocksox mood colors that will give you that bold statement you’re looking for.

The Cocksox CX05 Thong is a great choice for those who want to start the day with a curious, affectionate, and happy feeling. The thong comes in the color “Vivid,” a bright hot pink hue for the men who aren’t afraid to wear pink. The uber-sexy thong provides full-coverage with a cheeky rear finish so you can show off your finest assets. The thong is outfitted with an enhancing pouch to provide a subtle definition and lift. The supreme fabrics and flattering cut will give you more reasons to be happy!

For an everyday mood that reflects an energetic, upbeat, casual attitude- check out the CSX Sports Brief in “Emerald Green,” a striking dark green color. The brief features a retro style that will pair perfectly with the gym or underneath your work clothes. It has a super soft waistband to prevent that irritable, tight elastic feeling. The underwear is stitched for a seamless finish, which is comfort you can feel on your back and sides. The contrast piping adds a touch of style and the pouch gives support while contouring your package.

If you’re a dreamer in a sensual, amorous mood, meet your Cocksox mood match with the CSX Boxer in the color, “Purple Funk.” The luxurious fit and breathable fabric won’t hold you back in your mischievous adventures. Instead, these boxers will support and spur you on even further. This boxer was designed for all-day comfort with its soft waistband, Supplex fabric, and seamless wraparound detailing. The high-performance fabric will help wick away moisture and retain its shape after many wears and washes. We couldn’t ask for anything better to get us in the mood.

Will you wear one of these Cocksox mood styles? What’s your color personality? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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