BTS: The Cocksox Underwear Afloat Video

Cocksox Underwear Afloat

The only thing better than a new Cocksox video is a Behind The Scenes look at that video. The latest BTS footage is from the Cocksox Underwear Afloat video, featuring underwear model Chris Noffke. The photo shoot takes place on top of a boat, appropriately titled “SEADUCED.” With seduction as the main theme for this flirtatious underwear campaign, the name of the boat fits perfectly. Chris takes perfect direction from the photographer, as he turns the boat deck into his own little runway.

The Cocksox Underwear Afloat footage features two of our favorite underwear styles from the brand, the CX01BD Brief and CX68 Trunk. Both items highlight Chris’ athletic physique with their light blue and pink color schemes. Also important to note, the Supplex fabric that each pair is made from fits Chris’ body exquisitely, truly accentuating all of his male proportions. Between the beautiful ocean waters, the tan skin, the vibrant underwear and “SEADUCED,” we have to say this BTS footage is worth watching more than a couple of times.

Which pair of underwear do you prefer in the Cocksox Underwear Afloat video? What makes Cocksox one of your go-to brands when shopping for the beach? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Cocksox

Video Credit: Cocksox

Model Credit: Chris Noffke

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