BTS teamm8’s March M8

BTS teamm8's March M8

Earlier this month, teamm8 announced Marc-Antoine as their M8 of March, and we couldn’t have been more impressed by his stunning looks and go-getter attitude. We were eager to learn more about this Montreal-born digital designer and he sure didn’t disappoint us in teamm8’s swimwear shoot on the Sydney Harbour. Luckily enough, we’ve got even more footage from this awesome outing and simply had to share some of this hunk’s best behind the scenes moments.

Marc has spent his life planning and loves working hard to reach his goals, believing strongly in the power of self-motivation and learning from every experience. While originally from our northern neighbor, Canada, Marc recently moved to Sydney to follow his dream of creative design. He is driven by his passion and thrives in his individuality, keeping busy and not wasting any time. On top of that, this model still finds time to work out and relax at the beach.

In these photos we see a different side to Marc-Antoine’s resilient and career-driven demeanor, and the model gives us a playful glimpse into his new expat life down under, even snapping a photo with photographer Jason Jowett! The Sydney Harbour skyline is known for such wonders as the Sydney Opera House, but we liked it better with this M8 in the foreground rocking the Marine Swim Brief, the Grid Swim Short, and the Dash Swim Brief. With hardly a cloud in the sky, this looks like a fun location and team for a photoshoot and we can’t wait to see what teamm8 has in store for us next.

Which of Marc-Antoine’s looks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: teamm8

Photo Credit: Jason Jowett / teamm8

Style Credit: Casey Nissen

Model Credit: Marc-Antoine

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