Bring Tropical Jor Underwear To Your Next Exotic Destination

For those who have been spending the entire winter dreaming about their summertime travel plans, the time is finally here to start researching your favorite getaway destinations. One of the best parts about going on vacation is having a fully packed suitcase filled to the brim of vacation-inspired, breezy, comfortable outfits that you can mix and match for days on the beach or nights out at the bar. Get inspired for your travels by shopping for some tropical Jor underwear to add to your wardrobe ensemble. These fun and delicious prints are perfect to bring along to your next domestic or international adventures.

The Jor Pineapple Brief features a fun, punchy print that is ideal for your next vacation getaway– Hawaii anyone? The color palette has many lively, flirty colors like oranges, yellows, and vivid greens to add an attention-catching element to the brief. The secure, orange waistband has the yellow “JOR” logo imprinted on the band which seamlessly matches with the orange-yellow pineapples. The dark orange contrast trimming gives a striking dynamic to the full-coverage, super soft underwear pair. These briefs are special for its textured-looking aesthetic which helps to add a layer of complexity to this vacation-ready pair.

You will go bananas for the Jor Banana Boxer! It’s an entertaining, comfortable pair that has a full-coverage finish. The 96% polyester and 4% spandex contribute to an extremely comfortable wearing experience. The soft yellow waistband matches the orange-yellow banana print perfectly. This is a great, fun tropical look for hot locations, like Mexico. Throw this on underneath your clothes and hit the town. You’ll go bananas on the dance floor and feel secure knowing that this boxer has your rear covered.

If you want to incorporate fun and physical activity into your vacation plans, check out the stylish and durable Jor Papaya Boxer. This sweet, tropical boxer will help you stay supported and comfortable during any of your adventures. The papaya print features open papayas that reveal the juicy fruit underneath which adds a sensuality component. The print also features banana leaves to add more color and texture to the underwear. The boxer has a varsity, athletic feel to it because of the black waistband, varsity stripes, and sports number printed on the side. The boxer’s versatility will match with Thailand’s fun but adventurous landscape.

Say bon voyage with the vivid Jor Fiji Boxer. These Jor boxers are begging to be taken to a tropical locale like Fiji. This island-inspired pair features a bright pink palette that will have you feeling hot and heavy! This comfortable eye-catching pair features an array of multi-colored orange, green, blue, and pink vegetation that matches with the soft, pink waistband. The Fiji boxer print is meant for those who want to make a bold statement.

Orange you glad you brought the Jor Orange Jockstrap on your holiday? The supportive and secure jockstrap combines sex appeal with total comfort. The jockstrap has a sizzling impact to anyone that puts it on thanks to the hot red waistband and hot red rear straps. The back straps will give your butt a subtle lift while the front has a full coverage design to provide your package with support. Take this pair along with you to Spain, Italy, Argentina, wherever!

Which tropical Jor print style do you like the most? What is your ideal vacation? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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