Boxers or Briefs: DJ Edition

Boxers or Briefs: DJ Edition

DJs are just like the rest of us, in the fact that they wear underwear too! Therefore, they of course have some opinions and preferences about their favorite cuts and styles. In “Boxers or Briefs: DJ Edition,” Youtuber DanielXMiller meets up with some local DJs to get their musical insight on the age old question.

It’s interesting to get two different perspectives on the topic at hand. DJPK prefers trunks and or boxers briefs, where as DJ James prefers briefs. DJPK likes the comfort and support trunks bring us, and James likes briefs purely for their sexy aesthetic. We love the powder blue Calvin Klein Trunks that DJPK was wearing, as well as the skimpy briefs that James decided to go with. As always, Daniel was wearing a super stylish pair of underwear; this week we got a peek of him in a great pair of Marco Marco Trunks. Do you have a preference in underwear when you go out dancing?

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For more information on this brand: Marco Marco

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit:  DanielXMiller

Sponsored by Marco Marco


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  1. brandon6000 says:

    I like to wer lepord biknie briefs and I also like trunks and hot men in boxer briefs and biknies I love men tht re hot nd cn tlk bout theor underwer

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