Bluebuck, Welcome To The Underwear Club

Our Curated Underwear Club just added a haul of green underwear, and we aren’t talking about color. Bluebuck is an underwear brand that speaks to outdoorsy men with refined designs and an impressive, eco-friendly manufacturing process. You could say Bluebuck is buddy-buddy with nature – from their use of organic cotton to their reduced cotton miles. They keep it green. They keep it simple. And yes, they keep it stylish.

Bluebuck firmly believes “self-confidence is more attractive than self-obsession,” and it shows through their underwear designs. You won’t find garish colors. You certainly won’t find silky or sheer fabrics or revealing cuts. What you will find is masculine underwear with enough details to elevate them from underwear basics. Some of Bluebluck’s underwear is designed with a button-fly for a little old-school class. Some are made with striped designs to break up rotations of solid-colored underwear. And all feature Bluebuck’s antler logo on the waistband – a nod to Bluebuck’s affinity for masculinity and being one with nature.

Sign up for our Underwear of the Month Club today, step into a pair of Bluebuck, and start planning your next camping trip. Their motto: “Life Is One Big Adventure.” So go out, do something rugged, and feel what Bluebuck is all about.






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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Andy Peeke

Feature Image: Bluebuck White Trunk w/ Oblique Navy Stripes


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