5 Ways You Can Beat The Sweat With Obviously Underwear

beat the sweat with Obviously Underwear

The birds are twittering, the breeze is warm and the leaves are turning green again. Can it be? Spring is on its way here! After a long winter of bubble winter jackets, thick scarves and heavy-duty gloves, we are ready to retire our layers. Summertime is a great season to play with, but there are different stylistic rules that come into place. Warmer weather introduces new wardrobe obstacles to navigate, like how to stay cool and dry while avoiding sweat. The Australian brand, Obviously Underwear, prides itself on creating underwear that communicates a laid back attitude. It’s not big on a lot of flashy detailing. The brand likes to focus more on composing its underwear well (like their tagless brief care labels!) and incorporating different underwear lengths to helps you stay dry. Learn how to beat the heat with Obviously Underwear by your side.

For all of your rugged adventures, take the Lumber Collection AnatoFREE Boxer Brief in yellow along for the ride. Obviously mostly specializes in comfortable and functional underwear, but this brief was created for the mountain man in you. Unleash it. First off, this is a handsome-looking pair. It has a black contrast piping to add texture to your underwear. The supportive AnatoFREE pouch allows your package to hang low in a natural position which is great for preventing heat build-up and readjustment issues. The 3-inch leg is fantastic for physical activity. It helps eliminate sweat, chafing and your underwear from awkwardly bunching up. The functional brief was designed to maximize your freedom. Don’t let sweat and discomfort limit you.

The Obviously Underwear is a great choice to complement your summer style, like the Core Collection Comfort Boxer Brief. It’s less about style and more about providing a good base layer underneath your summer clothes. The boxer brief has been engineered for those who want maximum comfort. The single panel front design is a testament to how far Obviously will go to give you ultimate comfort. The moldable fabric will wrap around your body while providing you with support and supreme softness. The pouch is contoured to provide enhancement with comfort in mind. The 9-inch leg is a longer length to prevent your underwear from chafing, rubbing and riding up. This pair is great for running or hiking activities.

The Essence Collection AnatoFREE Boxer Brief features many of the same qualities that you’ve come to know and love from the Obviously Underwear brand. This collection is understated and minimal but sophisticated. The underwear features have been specifically tailored to help prevent that hot and sweaty feeling you may get from unsupportive underwear. The boxer brief has a contemporary design that also works on eliminating that uncomfortable feeling between your legs, especially during your workouts and hottest activities.

The AnatoFREE Hipster Brief in the Spectra Collection was devised to cater towards men who have larger, muscular legs. It is fitted with enough fabric and space to prevent sweat, chafing and any rubbing. The AnatoFREE pouch technology feels freeing, almost like you’re going naked with the natural pouch positioning design. The larger leg openings have been produced this way to create the most movement. Pair this under your board shorts or under your workout pants to receive the optimal benefits. This pair won’t restrict you during any of your exercises!

And last but not least, the Modal Low Rise Brief from the Metallic Collection. Summer isn’t only about hitting up the beach, it’s also one of the best time of the year to wear your favorite fashion styles. The breathable pair is perfect to wear under your stuffiest khakis or denim. It has an extremely flattering fit with non-shrinking and moisture-absorbent qualities. The gold/silver waistband adds a touch of pizzazz to the underwear pair. Not only that but the waistband has been intertwined with a soft backed elastic so your pair won’t stretch or snag. This garment features the anatomical pouch design that reduces heat build-up. It’ll keep you dry where you want it the most!

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