Ask The Expert: What Should I Wear To SoulCycle?


Every trend starts the same way. It starts off with a select group of obsessed followers until it explodes with popularity all around the country. Everybody and their mother who does SoulCycle is obsessed with it, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s a countrywide fitness phenomenon where people buy out the fitness classes by the bundle, book their classes out weeks in advance and rave about it to their friends. They also drop a lot of dough in buying the SoulCycle gear. These days, you don’t have to buy expensive exercise pieces to keep up with the rest of the class. There are many underwear brands out there that will offer you a stylish athletic apparel at an affordable price.


Julio from Fort Wayne, IN – A few months ago, my girlfriend begged me to try SoulCycle. Begrudgingly, I broke down and went to one of her classes because she had a free pass. It ended up being a really fun workout, and now I spin with my girlfriend twice a week. It’s a pretty sweet deal; I get to spend quality time with her and get an awesome workout in! No complaints from me. Except in one department. I don’t know what to wear to these classes! Everybody dresses to impress there and it can be intimidating. They only men clothes they offer are t-shirts. I want to get into the spirit and wear something that will get me pumped up to spin without paying too much money. What are some affordable options?

The Underwear Expert: Thanks for asking your question. Boy, do I have an answer for you! First: make sure to pick out pieces that offer maximum breathability, moisture-wicking properties and have a longer length on the garment so that your legs don’t chafe. You can certainly find some sweet deals on athletic wear. You just have to know the right place to look. It’s important to find the right type of underwear to fit your exercise needs. Luckily, there are a lot of great brands out there that offer stylish options at a great price. Happy cycling!

teamm8 T8 Tights – Making a statement has never been so easy with this pair of running tights. It features an eye-catching graphic with the bold “T” and “8” print design on both of your legs. The specially formulated fabric blend helps promote movement so you can move without any restraint. The primarily-composed nylon material integrates quick-drying properties into this stylish workout look.

2eros Icon Shorts Sky – Summer is coming soon and this pair is great for showing off your legs while providing you with full coverage. The sky blue pair features a mesh lining to optimize your airflow. The shorts are made out of a 100% polyester material. This material is great for working out. Here’s why. It’s the workhorse of the workout fabrics, it’s incredibly durable, lightweight, breathable, and it helps repel moisture with its non-absorbing qualities. This means that the sweat from your skin evaporates instead of being drawn into the material.

Junk Underjeans Raw Street Runner-Aqua – These joggers were made to handle high-intensity activity. Perfect for SoulCycle. These underjeans are high-performing with its lightweight fabric and mesh panneling design. The mesh feature supports breathability and flexibility, so you can cycle as hard as you want.

What are your preferred underwears brands for your workouts? Have you ever tried SoulCycle before?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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