Andrew Christian Newlyweds Get Naked

Andrew Christian Newlyweds

Andrew Christian models strip down in a hot new video released by ACTV. In a test of knowledge called the Newlyweds Get Naked Challenge, Andrew Christian “newlyweds” Pablo Hernandez and Drae Axtell attempt to answer intimate questions about one another. As Pablo points out, the models have not technically tied the not, but the two live together and know many of each other’s quirks. This video is a play on the classic Newlywed Game, which shows couples facing off by trying to answer specific questions that they should know about each other. We like Andrew Christian’s version because these players have to strip an item of clothing for each wrong answer instead of winning money like in the original. Really, everyone wins when both models ultimately end up naked in front of the camera.

The couple starts off with a few correct answers. Pablo correctly guesses Drae’s favorite color, green. Drae then correctly guesses Pablo’s favorite movie, Mad Max, because it was the first movie that the couple saw together. The duo shares an on camera kiss in a cute emoji-stamped moment, recognizing their affection. As the questions get more specific, both Pablo and Drae begin to answer incorrectly, slowly losing articles of clothing. Emojis highlight these fun moments throughout the video, eventually placing an eggplant over Pablo when he loses his last question and has to take off his pair of Andrew Christian Vibe Briefs.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how these models shape up in the Andrew Christian Newlyweds Get Naked Challenge. Are you a newlywed? How would you fare in a test of knowledge with your soulmate? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Andrew Christian

Model Credit: Pablo Hernandez, Drae Axtell

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