Werk Your Wood Underwear in Five Different Ways

You’re not a one-note kinda guy. You like having variety and different functional features with your underwear choices. As a result, your underwear drawer reflects many alternatives that you can choose for your daily needs and desires. The underwear company, Wood, wants to help you in your quest for insane comfort and amazing style. After all, they launched their company to create a space for accessible consumerism. Their selection of affordable, outdoorsy, fun and slightly rebellious underwear choices will make your head spin. But never fear, The Underwear Expert is here with our favorite picks to match your everyday activities. Find out how you can make it play around with Wood underwear in five different ways.

If you’re having a bad day and want to turn it around, bring in some artificial sunshine with the Hip Brief in yellow. It’s scientifically proven that surrounding yourself with peppy, bright colors elevates your mood level so why not try it out? This bright yellow brief has a bolder brief cut that provocatively shows off a little more leg which inadvertently highlights your package. Wink wink. The comfortable, flexible waistband gently lays against your skin for no irritation. The Lenzing Modal fabric blend is taken straight from a beech tree cellulose for fabulous softness and comfort with the brief. The fabric also works hard at wicking away moisture which will keep you happy all throughout your day.

Think about the May-August months with its scorching heat, clear skies, and fun summertime activities. Get ready for summer with the Classic Brief in Hermosa Blue. It has the look of a classic tighty-whitey with a few updates to give this a very contemporary take. The underwear has a higher leg cut with a simple stitching detail in the front. The real action is in the back with the brief design and fabric doing a beautiful job at complementing your booty. The non-binding waistband won’t give you that uncomfortable, pinched feeling. The comfortable, moisture-wicking fabric will perform with you throughout all of your adventures. Game on.

If you want to make a great impression, get noticed in the Wood Trunk in liquid camo print. The custom print is unique from most camo prints. Wood created a camouflage melting pattern where it mimics a liquid-like texture. The leg brief is a bit shorter to show off your legs and highlight your muscles. The gusset design lessens any excess fabric from bunching up underneath your clothes, which helps to eliminate your briefs from riding up. The soft Lenzing Tencel blend, taken from a eucalyptus cellulose, has natural wicking, antibacterial, and thermocontrol properties. It has a wicked design and helps make you make a great impression, what can’t this pair do?

Do you have an outdoors trip coming up? Become one with nature in the Boxer Brief in Wood Orange Striate. The cool thing about this brief is the striated pattern. It’s a direct inspiration from nature itself. As a tree grows, new layers are produced around the trunk. The layers can be seen in the cross-section with a set of concentric circles. The stunning stripe pattern is featured in this fitted boxer brief composed from Lenzing Tencel. This wood cellulose blend helps to prevent moisture and bacteria. The brief has a connected print with no side seams to maximize your comfort. The Boxer Brief’s thermocontrol properties and plush touch will take you to new heights.

Competitive physical activities like biking can be a wonderful workout, even if it can get a little uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right gear. Don’t worry about chafing and irritation with the Wood Biker Brief in black. The cool, retro design has a 6-inch leg and closed front for a fitted, full-coverage. The gusset design helps to prevent any ride from the fabric. The waistband is combed for softness and plush against your skin for a comfortable fit. The moisture-wicking feature is perfect for your high-performance days. Now what are you waiting for? Ride on, you stud.

We showed you how to wear your Wood underwear in five different ways. What was your favorite activity? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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