Watch Your Tone – Dual Tone Undies

Remember when people were limited to only a hand full of underwear colors or options? What a boring life that must have been! This Underwear Expert exclusive shoot focuses on dual tone underwear styles that show how much more exciting underwear can be nowadays!

Photographer Jerrad Matthew shoots model Daniel Miller in all his underwear glory. The steel door background creates a lot of texture and an aesthetically pleasing linear design. The tan colored background contrasts with each underwear style, so they pop even further into the foreground of each photo. Daniel’s muscled body also creates a sexy level of texture and eye candy in each photo.

A lot of the brands featured use color blocking to create the dual toned look. BCNU, Candyman, Mundo Unico, Hardcore, Clever, Junk Underjeans and Marco Marco all favor the more structured and separated look of the color blocking technique in each style. Candyman and Marco Marco created geometric designs using the dual toned look while Hardcore, Clever and Junk Underjeans differentiated the pouch from the rest of the garment. BCNU’s color blocking swiftly slides across the garment horizontally like a wave, whereas Mundo Unico changes up the color between the legs of the garment.

Some brands preferred a more blended dual tone look to make the switch over look more gradual instead of sudden. Knobby, Papi, Falke and Calvin Klein all favor the blended look. Calvin Klein and Knobby mix contrasting colors for more bold eye-catching design, whereas Papi and Falke choose different shades of the same color for a more subtle, intricate design.

Daniel makes each of these styles look so effortless. Dual tone underwear styles allow for so many different possibilities. From the different color combinations to the different ways to execute the design, choosing a style will never seem boring again!

Do you like to rock dual tone underwear styles? What’s your favorite color combination for underwear styles? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: BCNUCalvin KleinCandymanCleverFalkeHardcoreJunk UnderjeansKnobbyMarco MarcoMundo UnicoPapi

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Daniel Miller

Feature Image: Calvin Klein

Products Supplied By: BCNU, Calvin Klein, Candyman, Clever, Falke, Hardcore, Junk Underjeans, Knobby, Marco Marco, Mundo Unico, Papi


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