The Mighty Story Of SHEATH

It all started with a dream. The SHEATH underwear company had been in the process of developing their underwear product for years, but the brand needed seed money to launch its merchandise and complete its first purchase order. The brand decided to place a campaign on Kickstarter to fund their efforts and placed the goal at $9,000. After some time of being active on the Kickstarter website, SHEATH was blown away by all of the overwhelming support from the backers. 575 individual donations later and over $20,000 raised, SHEATH completed their first purchase order for SHEATH 2:0, one of the most revolutionary, innovative underwear pieces on the market today. They just recently released SHEATH 3.0 with a zen pouch, a pair that promises unrivaled wear with a pouch that isolates your package from the inner thigh to allow for ultimate comfort. The inspiring story of SHEATH shows how much men wanted this type of underwear to exist on the market. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s go back to the day that it all started.

In 2008, Sergeant Robert Patton was serving our country in the arid, hot heat of the Iraqi Desert. As the days ticked on, the fiery weather became a constant companion for his unit. Luckily, the heat was manageable thanks to a cooling system generator the boys would use to cool themselves off. However, one day, the service was interrupted and the system went down for a few hours. During this time, in the unrelenting heat, Robert Patton thought about his situation in length. Every day, he wore a heavy army uniform with an Army-issued cotton underwear brief which slowly started to sag with time and absorb his sweat which only added to his discomfort. The only thing that he could think of doing to alleviate his irritation was to strategically place a hand towel underneath the crotch to introduce drying properties to his underwear. This tactic was useful because it helped isolate his package from his legs, but he wanted more. He wondered about the existence of an underwear pair that could effectively manage to support men’s packages with an anatomical isolation pouch and provide incredible comfort.

After extensive research and shopping at many underwear brands, he found zero results. To Robert, it seemed like nonsense. How was it possible that men all over the world had to still deal with this inconvenient underwear problem? He thought more and more about a pair of underwear with body-conforming properties that would provide dependable protection and performance throughout the day. It wasn’t until he went back home that his friends and family excitedly supported the idea which pushed Robert to move forward with his vision. He took it upon himself to create the product he wanted to wear. He went to the tailor with pre-bought boxer briefs along with additional fabric to have pouched sewn directly into the garment. The rest is history. Today, he is the founder of SHEATH Underwear.


Now, they have a full e-commerce store, returning satisfied customers, and exciting new innovative underwear designs for the future. They have made professional leaps to partner with a new supplier to provide even better quality and service to their brand. But the story of SHEATH doesn’t end here. They wants to do more good in the world. To date, they have donated over a thousand pairs of SHEATH underwear to charities Socks For Soldiers, Spring Rescue Mission and San Antonio Rescue Mission. Now, SHEATH wants to ramp up and increase their philanthropic efforts by focusing on a demographic that would need clean underwear the most: the homeless. For every pair you buy at full-price, SHEATH will match you and donate a new pair of underwear will be donated to a person in need. Give someone the gift of unparalleled comfort.

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