The Best Running Underwear For You

Running. Love it or hate it, you have an opinion about it. Some people rave about the endorphins that happen after a long run while others can’t make it past the first mile without wheezing their lungs out. The good news is that we can all learn to love running, but only if we do it properly. That means wearing the correct activewear that works with you, not against you during your workout. It’s also important to go through a proper training regimen to prevent common injuries. Chase that runner’s high with our curated underwear guide. PUMP is your one-stop shop to meet all of your athletic needs.

Hit the track with a retro style, like the PUMP Touchdown Boxer Patriot.  It’s stylish and has great support for your lower body. It’s made with a sport-mesh to keep you dry during your toughest run. It’s integral to find a pair of underwear with drying properties, it makes all the difference. It could either make your experience fun or utterly miserable being bogged down my sweat. The double lined up and a sturdy waistband will keep you secure during every stride. With this pair, it’s great to help you warm up. Switching between jogging and running is a great start for beginners who are looking to get into running and want to start out slow. Warm up with a 15-minute walk to get your joints warmed up. Then try running for a minute, then switch to jogging, then follow up with a 3-minute recovery jog. Try this on different terrains, like hills to challenge yourself.


Time to start the running. Jog it out with the PUMP Sonic Jogger. The strikingly designed jogger is blended with a cotton mix that will provide you with hours of comfort. The stretchy underwear body will help keep a firm hold so that you can go all out in your workout. The black mesh cup offers support, and the athletic leg elastic helps keep everything secure. The best thing about this pair is the high-end breathability that will keep you feeling fresh. A simple way you can improve as a runner is by running 2-4 miles, 3-5 days a week at a comfortable pace. It’s important to stay on top of it with frequent workouts so you can improve your stamina and to push yourself with the continuous pacing. Mix this with walking breaks. You should be able to hit 2 miles in 30 minutes. The goal is to start running faster and longer to hit 3 minutes under that time. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.


It’s time for your victory lap in the PUMP Viva Boxer. It is fused with micromesh technology and an organic cotton to give you ultimate comfort and breathability during your exercises. You’ll feel ease and dryness where you want it the most. And if that wasn’t enough, the underwear features pockets on both sides! You’ve been doing weeks of jogging and you have been training your body to become a lean, mean running machine. At this point, you should’ve found the right pacing during your weekly jogs. Now it’s time to fine-tune it so you can continue making progress. There’s a fine line between pushing yourself too hard, and moving along at a steady pace. Don’t get discouraged because you’re too tired. Keep up the runs and learn how to become more aware of your body. Listen to your breathing so you don’t get fatigued too quickly. The secret is being able to talk when you’re running. If you are gasping for air, you’re moving too fast. End each workout with 15-20 minutes of easy running and static stretching to loosen up your joints.


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