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Tani Underwear

The first time I realized the importance of clothes was when my clothes saved me from a moment in time that would’ve almost certainly served as fodder for the sort of cringe-worthy memories that I, unfortunately, would remember at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. It was my first day of high school and I was styling in my trendy new kicks and freshly bought clothes. I didn’t know that my jeans had an unforgivingly, tight fabric blend that bunched up with every step. On my walk to algebra, the denim ripped in the back. Thankfully, my tunic shirt covered the seat of my pants and I had matching blue underwear, which helped to prevent more exposure. But, I never went without having a change of clothes in my locker, and I became a better student about what supple, soft fabrics for the best wear. It’s good to be prepared, but it’s even better to buy high-performing clothing materials so this won’t ever happen to you. Check out how Tani underwear has all of your bases covered.

Seeking baby smooth softness? Check out the unbelievably luxurious SilkCut Simple Brief. Everything about this classic white brief is brilliant minimalistic and carefully thought out, and it starts with its natural, biodegradable properties. But the eco-friendly brief doesn’t skimp on the fabric material with its revolutionary European-knitted Micro Modal Air fabric that affords a softer feel than silk. The Modal fabric isn’t just thinner and more durable than silk, it also has an elastic recovery that looks good for multiple wears. Feel at home in the SilkCut brief wherever you go.

You’re tired of baggy boxers and worn down waistbands. Now, you want total support with your underwear. We hear you, but most importantly, Tani hears you. Made out of a ridiculously fine and smooth silk, the limited edition LuxeLine Contour Trunk is all about boosting your best qualities while embracing every single one of your masculine curves. The Superfine fabric has a very soft textile with the green stripe composed of 82% viscose, 15% polyester and 3% elastane and the pewter has a 50% micro modal, 38% polyester and 12% elastane. Scientific terms aside, this trunk has been spun to adapt to your shape. Put on this durable and comfortable pair as its cups and lifts your package to standing attention.

Sometimes you don’t have time to make it home for a hot date after you get off of work. Skip the dreadful commute: Tani has your back. The SilkCut Houndstooth Boxer Brief is supremely sexy with its red and white checkered design that you’ll want people to see. The biodegradable trunk is super light and silky with the Micro Modal Air fabric textile. The moisture absorbent fabric helps you wick away sweat to keep you as cool as a cucumber in any dating situation. Take a cue from the pattern and organize a picnic. Fingers sandwiches anyone?

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  1. David says:

    Based on a review posted here at The Underwear Expert, I ordered 2 pair of Tani briefs (Air Fit Contrast Briefs). Once I got them, washed them and wore them, I was simply not impressed. I went on their website and gave a very fair and honest review. Based on what I had to say, a Tani representative contacted me almost immediately to address my concerns and do what they could to make things right. I ended up with another pair of Tani briefs, the Silk Cut Simple Brief in gray. While these were a bit of an improvement over the Air Fit Contrast Briefs, I was not particularly impressed by these either. There is just not enough room in the front for my comfort and unless you like your underwear on the tight side with no real “comfort pouch” to speak of, I just don’t think these are worth the money. I did love the fabric of all of the pairs I have, but I honestly have a problem with the fit. Everyone’s preferences are different, and others may love these – I’m just not one of those people. Sorry Tani.

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