Strap Yourself In With Aware Soho Jockstraps

Aware Soho Jockstraps

Ball sweat can be the enemy of a great workout. It’s uncomfortable, can cause chaffing or a rash and makes your underwear stick to your package in weird ways. If you’re an active guy who wants to be able to workout longer and with more comfort, check out the Aware Soho Jockstraps.

A lot of active guys want an underwear style that can keep them supported while they work hard, but that will keep the uncomfortable sweat at bay. Jockstraps are perfect for this. The pouch keeps your boys in check while the straps gently lift your bum and the open back allows for a lot of air flow to avoid unwanted sweating.

Aware Soho offers a variety of jockstrap options for you to choose from. The Camouflage Jockstrap features a dark camo print that will have you feeling like a warrior with every wear. If you like to wear styles inspired by locations Aware Soho has an America Jockstrap, a Sao Paulo Jockstrap and a Brazil Jockstrap. Wear these styles when you feel like supporting your country or area you love! The America and Sao Paulo both use stripes, and the Brazil uses a pattern of their flag.

If you want to be saluted when you drop your pants check out the Sailor Jockstrap. The navy and white stripes will have you saying “Ay Ay, Captain!” If you enjoy having a few different color options, then check out the Day Jockstraps. This style is available in four different colors that feature color blocking on each style using contrasting colors.

Which of the Aware Soho Jockstraps do you like the most? What’s makes Aware Soho one of your favorite underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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