Stormy Weather

Stormy weather isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We love to think of it as the perfect excuse to cuddle up inside. The right underwear can make staying in on a rainy day more exciting than going out, and an attractive cuddle-buddy never hurts either. Today’s photo shoot with model Anthony Parker was inspired by storm clouds, dark skies and rain fall with grey, dark blue and heathered finishes.

If you’re choosing underwear to match a gloomy day, you’ll want something on the simple side with dark hues and cool colors. There’s something about stormy weather that makes everything feel calm and cozy – so your underwear should follow suit. Rainy days can inspire a laid-back attitude from just about anyone.


Mack Weldon Brief (Cloud Burst / Cendre Blue) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)


C-IN2 Hand Me Down Trunk (Mr Cop Stripes)  – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

A heather finish on fabric always looks handsomely relaxed. A lot of loungewear looks are designed with heather materials because the finish gives an item a softer appearance, like in the C-IN2 Hand Me Down Trunk. Heathered fabrics are made by interweaving yarns of different colors, giving the material a kind of speckled look and gives the colors a more muted appearance.

We’ve said it before: stripes are without a doubt the most straightforward pattern around. A striped pair of undies can give you a familiar, comfortable feeling. So, when the thunder rolls and the lightening strikes, grab a comfy and casual pair of striped undies like the Mack Weldon Striped Brief to make you feel right at home.



Mack Weldon Brief (Indigo / Charcoal Heather) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)


Garçon Model Blue Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)



Bread & Boxers Boxer Brief (Charcoal) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)


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Another thing we’ve said before: simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Some of the most handsome pairs of underwear available are basics done right. A look that’s solid grey or black can make a man feel confident even when he’s at home enjoying a sound of rain tapping on the window. Just like a cup of tea during a storm, a classic pair of underwear can warm you up and never goes out of style.

Classic underwear designs are a great choice for stormy weather because they play into the contagiously relaxed mood a thunderstorm can bring. Rainy days make you want to curl up and spend the day in bed, and at the Underwear Expert, we like any excuse for a man to spend the day lounging around in his underwear. A simple pair of underwear like the Bread & Boxers Charcoal Boxer Brief or Naked Signature Modal Boxer Brief in Peacoat will leave you in an easy-going mood.


Wood Classic Brief (Digital Camo) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)


2(X)IST Barcode No Show Brief (Black Stripes) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

Whether you’re a briefs guy or a boxer briefs guy, cuddle undies are a must, whether it’s storming outside or not. Every man’s underwear drawer should have his athletic pairs for exercise, his sexy pairs for date night, his casual pairs for the weekdays, and his becoming basics. It’s those “basics” that you want to break out during cuddle weather. They aren’t necessarily erotic, but they fit flatteringly enough to keep you looking your best. Gloomy colors don’t have to get you down. In fact, they can even be the brightest part of your day – if you choose wisely.

Do you have any pairs of underwear you go to when it’s pouring outside? What’s your favorite thing to do during stormy weather? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Model: Anthony ParkerDT Model Management

Feature Image: C-IN2 Hand-Me-Down Boxer – Navy

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