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Bodyweight exercises are a great alternative for those of us who don’t have access to a gym. Even if you do have gym access, bodyweight exercises are still great for us guys who are looking to improve endurance and gain strength. There is such a wide range of bodyweight exercises, making it impossible to ever get bored of your routine. Most bodyweight exercises can be progressed or regressed to match an individual’s abilities, which allows all types of fitness enthusiasts to participate on the level that they’re comfortable in. Whether you’re doing dips, push exercises, lunges or arm rotations, bodyweight exercising provides the opportunity for a full body workout.

What better PUMP! Underwear to help you through these various amounts of exercises? PUMP! and fitness go hand in hand, all of their underwear is crafted with the athletic lifestyle in mind. Since bodyweight exercising can be so multifaceted and intense, it’s important to have a superb pair of PUMP! undies with you. The PUMP! collection is just as eclectic and all encompassing as the different amounts of exercises you can choose from.

The PUMP! Cruise Brief features a perfect blend of micro mesh and cotton that offers maximum breathability and comfort to keep you going strong during your body weight exercises. Regardless of how strenuous and active you may get, these briefs will help you go the extra mile. Its vivid blue, white, and neon orange color combination also makes this a super stylish pair of athletic briefs!

The PUMP! True Blue Jogger is an innovative breath of fresh air when it comes to fitness underwear. This brief features a perfect combination of micro mesh and cotton fabric, integrated mesh pockets, and contemporary and clean-cut white, navy, and baby blue color combinations. If the innovative design doesn’t inspire you to do that extra rep, the practical functionality will!

Another great pair of PUMP! underwear that is perfect for bodyweight exercises is the Sonic Brief. The Sonic Brief also delivers a supreme cotton blend, which offers total support and comfort as its electric blue details make a pop statement that demands attention.

Have you tried any bodyweight exercises before? Which underwear do you use to get the job done? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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