Parke & Ronen 2016 Casting Call!

In the underwear industry, scouting agents are always on the look out for models, who will best show off sleek and sexy brief and boxer pairs to the best of their ability. The Underwear Expert CEO, Michael Kleinmann, got a chance to witness this process first hand at the Parke & Ronen offices to check out the latest line up of svelte models. With their shirts off and jeans slung low, these models try to embody the Parke & Ronen philosophy of simplicity and sensationalism in a minimal, white room.

In these behind the scenes photos, different models try on brief cuts and loungewear in uncomplicated fabrics, which are the hallmark of the Parke & Ronen look that also includes a focus on impeccable fit, and polished details. The showroom has racks of Parke & Ronen product that is a marriage of European haute couture and the New York edginess of Seventh Avenue, which leads to an explosive union of high fashion elements. Fortunately for us, we got the inside scoop to check out the Parke & Ronen 2016 casting call. Join us for a secret peek!

Check out The Underwear Expert’s Parke & Ronen photo shoot below. What was your favorite behind the scenes moment? Are you excited to see the new models in your Park & Ronen underwear? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Parke & Ronen

Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: Colby, Spencer


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