What’s Your Myers-Briggs for Radical Energy Swimwear?

Radical Energy Swimwear

Radical Energy has released a swimwear collection a variety of different styles: swim briefs, swim trunks and swim shorts. The Radical Energy Swimwear styles have been tailored for 4 different types of men because of its unique design. We want to help you find your ideal pair and help you learn a little bit more about yourself as a person. The Underwear Expert is matching each Radical Energy swimwear style with a Myers-Briggs personality type so you can figure out which pair fits you the most.

Confident, masculine, strong, and way too bold for its own good- the Brian Swim Trunk in LA Orange is the classic high-powered, high-energy ENTJ. The Brian Swim Trunk is the type of swimwear that sits poolside at a fancy, high-rise hotel on his work Blackberry making million-dollar business deals while snapping pictures of his mimosa for Instagram on his iPHONE. The sublimated fabric is great for helping the fun patterns on the trunk stay bright and bold, and the fabric material is 100% polyester to help the trunk with chlorine-resistance. The masculine, square cut look with its golden/silver dye detailing, elastic waistband, and adjustable drawstrings make this a fabulous pick.

The Luke Swim Brief has the type of wearer who is lounging out at the beach, with his hands behind his neck, staring up at the sky and creating shapes out of the clouds. Find the same relaxed, idealistic and dreamy INFP-qualities in the Luke Swim Brief. This low-rise brief is all about quiet, understated, laidback confidence and it accomplishes that with the black and white design. But take a look closer, and you’ll see the splashes of black isn’t just a splash but a pattern of alternating rows of guns. This edgy but chilled out, Australian-style fit has an elastic-free waistband for that perfect, snug fit while avoiding muffin tops. It’s 100% polyester with a golden/silver, adjustable drawstring for a great finishing touch.

If you’re the life of the party, super fun-loving and energetic, you’ve met your ESFP match with the Gary Swim Brief in Urban Camo. This  100% polyester-blended swimwear is ideal for guys who like to stay on the go, hopping from one party to the next. The bright pattern seeks and captures attention with its pink, yellow, black and orange blocks of color. The traditional fit is equipped with an elastic waistband, giving more structure to the swimwear. The brief has drawstrings on it which is great for tightening while you’re in the water, so it won’t slip off during your pool games.

ENFP’s are the charmer of the Myers-Briggs and the Frason Swim Short knows it. Lively, energetic but surprisingly sophisticated if the occasion called for it— this beach-to-street short is ready for any situation. The calming light blue color palette is catching, but the print keeps your attention with two hands making out the infamous “LA” slogan. The zipper fly, snap closure and mid-thigh length brings an element of poise making this a great wear for the beach, or a perfect addition to your nighttime outfit. You can easily throw a t-shirt on, put your wallet in the Frason Swim Short pockets, and paint the town red.

Are you a Brian, Luke, Gary or a Frason? What’s your favorite Radical Energy Swimwear style? What’s your Myers-Briggs personality type? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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