The Sensuality Of MOB Eroticwear Lace

MOB Eroticwear Lace

Whoever thought lace underwear was a woman’s game could not have been more wrong. MOB Eroticwear Lace by Malebasics takes the feminine material and cuts it into styles that are all about showing off the male form – literally. Like the best lace underwear looks, these pairs are a little bit see through and a lot to handle.

Adrian C. Martin shoots professional dancer Gabriel García in four pairs of MOB Eroticwear. The photoshoot is dimly lit and sensual. And that’s what lace underwear is all about: sensuality. The delicate lace designs tease the skin in a gentler way than other see-through materials. This is partially due to the fact that lace is still a more feminine material that say sheer or fishnet. Especially when it takes on a floral design. But when you cut that floral lace into a jockstrap, you get something new and exciting.

Gabriel models the Men’s Lace Jockstrap in white and red, two color options that really bring out the underwear’s romantic side. Hands down, one of the hottest things about this jock is its lace pouch. It’s designed with a contouring seam to give your package more definition, all the while allowing your partner to see what you’re packing. The Men’s Lace Jockstrap is also designed with wider-than-average straps around the back; this way there’s room for more of the stunning lace material.

The Men’s Lace Boxer Short is a little more discrete (if there is such a thing as discrete lace). It’s similar to the Men’s Lace Boyshort but with more of a square cut so it’s less narrow. The extra material allows for more of the rose embroidery appeal, making it perfect for the man who likes a little lace in his underwear drawer. The rear lace also also brings 360º of teasing sex appeal to the look.

For the kinkiest and most erotic lace underwear, there’s the Men’s Lace Open Side Boxer Short. The name just about says it all. It’s basically the Men’s Lace Boxer Short but with no lace on the sides. Instead, your hips are covered by four elastic strips and faux buckle accents. It’s a design that takes teasing to a whole new level.

Do you own any pairs of MOB Eroticwear by Malebasics? Which underwear style do you think Gabriel looks best in? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Malebasics

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Gabriel García



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