Summer Lovin’: Falling For The Marcuse Aussie Summer Styles

Marcuse Aussie Summer

For those of us fighting the cold weather with tons of hot soups, layers and hugging your heaters, we have another solution for you! These photos for the Marcuse Aussie Summer styles will have you warming up once you see how hot Ayrton Mansi is!

Photographer Russell Fleming takes advantage of the nice hot weather in Gold Coast, Australia to shoot some really hot images of model Ayrton Mansi in the new Marcuse Aussie Summer Styles! Russell’s use of the ocean as the backdrop creates an abundance of texture and different hues of blue and tan in each image. The texture of the water and the waves breaking will capture the viewer’s attention while Ayrton’s hot body and the sexy Marcuse styles will keep it there. Most of the images featured also show some rock formations that Ayron uses to pose against. The dark color of the rocks highlights the dark detailing in each swimwear style featured.

In images 1, 2 and 7 Russell uses the large rock that Ayrton’s posing against to balance out each image. The weight of the large rock matching the weight of Ayrton in these images making them feel very balanced and aesthetically pleasing. These images, as well as 4, also show some color layering in the background that gives each image a bit of a linear feel, from bright blue to light blue to white, back to bright blue and then to tan. Can you see the pattern? Each color also contrasts with Ayrton’s skin and the swimwear, pushing them further forward closer to the viewer.

In images 4, 5 and 6 the rock formations create a lot of texture and contrast. The dark coloring of each rock contrasts with Ayrton and the water, making the viewer’s central focus the crashing water, the Marcuse swimwear and Ayrton’s body. In image 5, the rock formation curls around his body to balancing out itself in the image, which is fun to look and even more interesting to think about. The styles featured in this shoot are Jagger Ivory, Retro White and Brave Red, all of which can be found on the Marcuse website today!

What is your favorite Marcuse Aussie Summer Style? Where would you wear them? Do you want to wade through the wake with the beautiful Ayrton Mansi? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Marcuse

Photo Credit: Russell Fleming

Model Credit: Ayrton Mansi

Sponsored by Marcuse


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