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Gentlemen, it’s time to bring some heat to your underwear collection with the colors of fire. It doesn’t matter if you’re bold at heart, warm-spirited or a fiery go-getter. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something warm and bubbly or something steamy and sexy. Any guy looks hot wearing underwear with a warm color palette. All you have to decide is just how hot you’re willing to go.

Red, orange and yellow underwear can play into any man’s personal tastes. Some pairs are designed to look sporty, others are designed to keep it casual. And some are even designed to come off as classy the moment you put them on. It all depends on the cut of the underwear, color contrasts, and how bright the fiery colors burn.

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2(X)IST Pima Stretch No-Show Brief Barbados Cherry – Available in our Curated Shop

This red brief doesn’t seem to know how hot it is. A minimal waistband and solid-colored body gives it a more casual aesthetic. And while Barbados Cherry is certainly a hot color option, it’s the brief’s narrow silhouette that cranks the heat up a notch.

The 2(X)IST No-Show waistband sits two inches below your waistline for a noticeably low rise. Combine that with high-cut leg openings, and the result is one of the hottest hip briefs around. It gets its sex appeal without all the bells and whistles other brands use and instead relies on a bright red color and a flattering shape. It’s the kind of sex appeal that doesn’t try too hard. And let’s face it, that makes it even hotter.

Red underwear will always have some degree of heat to it. It’s a style choice that paints the man wearing it as confident, maybe even a little playful. And when the design keeps it simple, and lets the color speak for itself, you get a different kind of sex appeal. It’s a well-mannered kind of sexy.


2(X)IST Electric Boxer Brief Tangerine Tango

This other 2(X)IST pair gives its red-orange color a sporty twist. Yes, it’s made from a moisture-wicking material, but we’re talking about the waistband. The vast majority of performance underwear gets its athletic look from bold color contrasts, and this pair is no exception.

A warm color palette doesn’t always mean sex appeal. Sometimes it means energy, and the Tangerine Tango color option has plenty of it. The color is bold on its own and looks even bolder beside the dark blue waistband. The contrast of complementary colors allows the body and the waistband to pop. Consider it a gym pair or a casual pair for sporty types.



Wood Yellow Boxer Brief – Available in our Curated Shop

It doesn’t get any brighter than yellow underwear. Think of the Wood Yellow Boxer Brief as the spark that starts the fire in your underwear drawer. It has a sunny disposition that would match well with a charismatic personality. Making it even brighter still, is Wood’s trademark waistband with gold lettering.

More often than not, yellow underwear has a youthful attitude about it. Pairs that rock a bright yellow color are on the upbeat side of casual and perfect for the warm-spirited kind of guy we mentioned. The classic white elastic waistband makes this pair  particularly charming. As it is one of the least common colors for underwear, it’s bound to leave a lasting impression.


papi Varsity Club Brazilian Trunk Red – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

A red pair of trunks can make every day a little hotter. The contrasting grey waistband helps the underwear’s bright red body simmer down, but not too much. It’s a more casual look for fiery red. The contrasting red stripe on the waistband also gives this weekday pair just a hint of sportiness.

The main reason this pair of red underwear has a casual look is because of the heather grey waistband. Replace it with a color that’s equally bold as the red, and it would look more like performance underwear. A color like red has such an impact, you can  play it down, turn it up or let it do its thing.

A pair of red underwear is all about the color. Just like a speeding red sports car, everyone will take notice. Red is the king of sex appeal that will always raise the temperature. If you can’t stand the heat… get out of the red underwear.


Wood Orange Trunk – Available in our Curated Shop

We’re willing to bet most men don’t have an ounce of orange in their underwear collections. Not only does the Wood Orange Trunk turn up the heat, but it turns up the volume on the color wheel’s unsung hero. If red is hot and yellow is charming, orange underwear is just plain cute. And cute in a fun, masculine way.

Orange underwear is the right idea for any guy, so long as he’s young at heart. It’s bound to be one of the more playful players in your underwear lineup, and one that seems to have a sporty flair to it. That’s probably because most underwear brands only dip into orange when contrasting another color on a pair of performance underwear. Only a few underwear brands put orange in the spotlight, and Wood is one of them.

Wood’s trademark color is the warm and welcoming shade of orange you see in a lot of their branding, in their logo and here in this pair of underwear. The brand’s name is a clear play on words, based off the beech tree-based material the brand uses. Leave it to the brand with a built-in sense of humor to make the most of its orange underwear.


Mack Weldon Boxer Brief – Available in our Curated Shop

This is a pair of yellow underwear that takes itself a little more seriously. The bright color still shines through, but this time with a more adult sense of humor. Rather than go for a bright lemony yellow, Mack Weldon goes for the gold with a richer, deeper shade of yellow.

If you thought warm colored underwear had no place under business casual attire, think again. Warm colors aren’t always bright and bold. Sometimes they’re more muted, and it’s those softer colors that play into a more reserved sense of style. Mack Weldon is one of those casual brands that’s appropriate for any day of the week, any occasion and even a day at the office. The waistband on all their underwear is a handsome one and plays off the seldom-seem cool side of yellow.


Naked Destination Tencel Boxer Brief Zinfandel/Black – Available in our Curated Shop

This pair of red underwear still brings the heat but does it in a more sultry way. Most pairs of red underwear have some sort of bam! factor to them that plays up a louder shade of the color. But just like how Mack Weldon brought yellow down to a simmer, so does Naked with their wine shade of red.

The Zinfandel/Black Destination Tencel Boxer Brief is a full-coverage pair of underwear with a design that keeps things simple and kind of elegant. The wine color is deep, sexy shade of red. But it doesn’t make the underwear overly sexy. Instead, it makes it definitively dapper. The rich red and the slick black waistband bring even more class to an otherwise casual pair of underwear.

No matter how you define your personal style, it shouldn’t be based on color alone. Maybe you wear a lot of black. Maybe army greens and navy blues are your go-to colors, but we’d encourage anyone to turn up the heat with some warmer colors. If you like black underwear, you’ll probably like red with black contrasts, or dark red. If you like dark colors in general, there are dark shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Raising the temperature in your underwear drawer doesn’t mean bringing it to a boil. It means looking on the brighter side of the men’s underwear market. By all means find pairs that sizzle if that’s your thing. If it’s not, we recommend a slow-burning simmer.

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