Male Power Styles For The Confident Man

Confidence seems to be one of those nebulous skill sets that people mistakenly believe they either have or don’t have. Some people make this quality seem effortless but it’s not. It takes effort until one day, it becomes a natural instinct. There are a lot of ways to approach this ability, but one of the easiest ways is by doing something like wearing your favorite outfit. Similar to how your favorite butt-defining denim pair of jeans makes you feel like you can rock any situation, your underwear drawer should have some go-to items that make you feel like you can take on the world. It’s easy to get away with typical cotton underwear, but take it a step outside of your comfort zone to rack up the confidence points. Try out new unique underwear styles. There are so many diverse underwear garments out there that can make you feel renewed like jock straps, sheer fabric, zippered trunks, the list goes on and on! Don’t limit your closet and try out these Male Power styles for the confident man.

Are you getting ready for a date and you want to make it a night to remember? Try reaching for the Male Power Radical Sport Zipper Trunk. It’s innovative and daring with the radically novel pull zipper design. The low-rise shorts wrap around your torso and do a great job at featuring your stomach so you can show lots of skin. The high cut legs cut off right at your upper thigh to highlight your leg muscles, making this pair perfect for those who want to show they are comfortable in their body. The luxuriously soft trunk comes in a sleek, solid black color with a zigzag pattern. Don’t just slide off the pair, but do something different and zip it down for an exciting finish to the end of your night.

Some underwear styles promise full coverage while others look for a more sensual edge like the Male Power Peep Show Trunk. The trunk features a sexy fishnet underwear design with a pouch lining that shows everything while subtly revealing nothing at all. The low-rise cut stops at the hip right below the natural waistline for a sexy finish. The mesh design has reinforced leg openings and elastic logo waistband for support and comfort. The contour pouch has a subtle center dart that lifts your package up and away. If that’s not enough to grab your significant other’s attention, turn around and the moderate rear coverage surely will.

Instead of going for the Blue Steel look to achieve a confident attitude, try out the Male Power Molten Steel Lace Up Thong. This Male Power underwear is more than a traditional thong. It comes in a metallic, shiny varnish for an almost liquid-looking coating. It covers your lower body with a body-defining fit with minimal rear coverage. The low-rise cut stops at the hips which helps create a streamlined look whenever you put these on. The contour pouch has a vertical dart that lifts up your package. If that detail didn’t grab your attention, the unique lace-up pouch will. It can be tied and secured at the waistband for a secure finish.

Did you learn anything new about underwear today? What is your favorite thing about Male Power? Which one of the Male Power styles for the confident man will you wear out? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert

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