Mack Weldon for Daily Wear

Mack Weldon for Daily Wear

Finding an underwear style that can keep up with you throughout your day can be a difficult task — well, unless you know where to look. Mack Weldon can keep up with any part of your day, so you should choose Mack Weldon for Daily Wear.

Sometimes work can be a drag, just getting through the typical 8-hour day can seem like a lifetime. The 18 Hour Jersey fabric will have you feeling super comfortable throughout the day. This fabric will move with you and each style also features mesh zones to keep you cool if you start to feel hot. Just feeling cool and comfortable can make your workday seem way less brutal.

Is hitting the gym a big part of your daily routine? The Airknit Boxer Briefs will keep you extra cool so you won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable sticking or chaffing. This Airknit fabric features a special knit for enhanced airflow so your boys can breathe. The contoured pouch will also support your package while you work hard in the gym, so you don’t have to worry about things flopping around all willy nilly.

Hitting the local bar with your friends, hoping to pick up someone tonight? Avoid any unwanted sweating and odors with the Silver fabric. This fabric is a performance fabric with antimicrobial and anti-odor features that will aid you attempt to get lucky. Everything will be almost as fresh as when you threw your underwear on, when you go to take them off. Everything feeling so fresh and so clean? Mission accomplished!

Relax and watch the game in the comfort of your own home with a Mack Weldon Woven Boxer. This boxer has a tailored fit but still loose enough for your boys to feel free. You’ll feel unrestrained and totally natural in this boxer. So enjoy the downtime.

Do you love Mack Weldon for Daily Wear? How does Mack Weldon have you covered for your daily routine? Are you obsessed with the 18 Hour Jersey fabric? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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