Hot and Bothered: Jose Luis Angulo Poses For Adrian C. Martin

Jose Luis Angulo

Is there a better way to fight the bitter cold than with a warm fuzzy feeling inside? Didn’t think so. Jose Luis Angulo and his beautiful body are enough to have anyone feeling extra toasty this winter!

Photographer Adrian C. Martin captures the very essence of beauty in this photoshoot with Men’s Physique’s Jose Luis Angulo. This photoshoot took place in Gran Canaria and has no shortage of bulging, chiseled muscles. Jose is an IFBB Athlete and fitness model, which is very apparent when you take a look at his slamming body. His sharp features and five o’clock shadow are a dangerous addition to that beautiful body.

Adrian captures Jose poolside and chilling in the shade in this photoshoot. The bright aqua hue of the pool water in the first three images contrast with the white Calvin Klein underwear Jose is sporting, drawing the viewer’s attention immediately to the underwear. The pool railings and the back wall in these photos also show multiple layers and texture in each photo. The next four images show Jose posing against the pool fence. This fence wraps around his body in each photo, balancing him out. The fence also adds linear texture to the background making each image more interesting to look at. The way the fence also cuts across the lens and is out of focus also pushes Jose further into the foreground of each image.

In the next two images Adrian captures Jose under the shower all wet. Both shots capture the attention of the viewer for a number of reasons, namely his glistening muscles will call to you like a very well-priced happy hour. The bright green color of the foliage behind Jose also contrasts with the underwear and his body pushing him further into the foreground. The leaves also create a lot of texture which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Cool your jets with Jose in the last few photos. Adrian captures him hanging out in the shade in a pair of jeans that fit just like a glove. The fence behind him creates some linear texture and the palm tree next him surrounds him in a nice rough textured background. The darker tones of the tree, fence and everything beyond that highlights Jose’s body and the bright blue color of the jeans making him the focal point of each shot, like he wasn’t already. Jose’s body mixed with Adrian’s talent for creating some of the most aesthetically pleasing compositions makes this photoshoot one you don’t want to miss out on! Check out the images below!

Which image do you think Jose Luis Angulo looks the hottest in? What makes Adrian C. Martin one of your favorite photographers? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model Credit: Jose Luis Angulo

Products supplied by Calvin Klein


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