JOR: January 2016 Social Media Round Up

JOR January 2016 Social Media Round Up

This week in our JOR January 2016 social media roundup, we were treated to ripped washboard abs, sly peeks of JOR’s iconic logo on the waistband, and some classy black and white shots. These models exude sexuality and ooze a sense of self-possession with their own masculinity as they pose against warehouse buildings, grungy garage door exteriors, and in locker rooms.

Many people seek a vibrant pair of underwear that speaks for itself with confidence and swag. These underwear pairs do that while honoring the Columbian spirit with its splashes of vivid colors, striking patterns, and low-rise design so it shows off your taut stomachs and muscular thighs. Jor’s company goal was all about creating a garment that works with your body, not against it. Its sleek finishes and 100% latin spirit will help you feel completely sexy and secure in your own body. The pairs below specialize in high-quality construction, style, luxuriously high-end fabrics, and options between classic and bold statements.

What is your favorite pair that the models are wearing? Do you follow them on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert. Check out our favorite JOR January 2016 social media round up!

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