Joe Snyder Maxibulge Underwear Collection: Gotta Get ‘Em All

Last February, we covered the Joe Snyder Maxibulge Collection with its 80% comfort polyamide and 20% stretch spandex blend along with its new string ring technology that pushes your package up and out. We wanted to revisit this provocatively versatile collection this year and pair each underwear style with an occasion to have you looking and feeling your best. These different bikini Joe Snyder Maxibulge Underwear Collection garments come in S-XL, complimenting the sizes of every modern man that wants to go everywhere with a flair. All of these styles come in a jaw-dropping amount of colors to satisfy even the pickiest customer. The range includes colors: White, Black, Red, Royal, Turquoise, Yellow, Navy, Wine, Pink, Purple, White Mesh, White Lace, Black Mesh, Black Lace.

Strut your stuff and peacock proudly in Joe Snyder Maxibulge Bikini brief. Great to wear with pants or without, this pair is fantastic to put on when you want to feel the seductive cut without sacrificing comfort. It neatly covers your rear while offering just a sliver of your butt cheeks for that sexy factor. The Maxibulge front pouch shows off your package and lifts it up, up, up and away for an undeniable lift. Throw on the yellow color for a confidence boost, and wear these during your next meet up with friends or a casual trip to the store for a secretly sensual feel.


If you’re looking for a hot and fast style, look no further than the red Joe Snyder Maxibulge Clip. It has the most fabric coverage compared to the rest of the Joe Snyder underwear collection while featuring a unique and tantalizing detail. While the package enhancement design is sure to impress, the stand-out feature about this brief is in the innovation of the design. When passion ignites, jump-start the mood by quickly snapping off the distinctive clip design on the waistband. All it takes is one slick movement to get the party started. The clips are slickly situated on the sides of the underwear to allow for subtlety. Pick up a vibrant, modern color to match your enthusiasm whenever you wear this pair.


Take the term office-ready to the extreme and put on something that takes your outfit to the next level. These insanely tempting Joe Snyder Maxibulge Capri briefs give you the bulge of your dreams, making this a perfect pair to wear anytime you want to highlight your best features. It’s specially formulated stretch will have you feeling silky, not confining, as you move around your day. The sleek feel of the fabric will leave you feeling good even after a long board meeting. The purple color is an exciting and fashion forward look we can appreciate, but Joe Snyder comes in a variety of hot brights and cool colors to suit your mood.


Looking for a new impressive, revealing brief to add to your Joe Snyder Maxibulge Underwear collection at home? Joe Snyder has answered your prayers with Maxibulge Kini. The sizzling blue color and strappy, thin design acts as the perfect choice to wear during a special date or to pep up a Netflix and chill evening. The Maxibulge Kini skimpy front profile has one job, and one job only: to enhance your pouch and show off your body. The brief has more fabric in the back to cover your rear comfortably to provide a nice fit. These Maxibulge Kini will help you feel confident about everything you have to offer.


Lastly, the Joe Snyder Maxibulge Cheek briefs. Perfect for any relaxing event, this is great to elevate your boxer brief game without sacrificing the same full coverage. The material cozies up to your package and stays snug so your profile can stand out even more. Even though it has the most fabric, it doesn’t have too much, ensuring that there’s no awkward bunching underneath your clothes. The hot pink color adds a playful cheekiness to the revamped traditional style, and the design of the brief ensures a cut that lands just above your butt so your cheeks slightly stick out. An ideal choice for after work parties or days when you want to show extra, these Maxibulge Cheeks is made to celebrate your glutes and show off every curve of your masculine contours.


What was your favorite Joe Snyder Maxibulge Underwear collection item? With so many color choices available, what was your favorite shade?  Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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