Get Sweaty: Workout With Obviously

Workout with Obviously

It’s the middle of February and the gyms are still packed with people who are working hard to follow through on their New Years resolutions. Amp up your fitness and take it one step further by tossing out your old baggy pairs of underwear. While they do the trick, you want the right kind of underwear that will help you stay supported during every step of your workout. It’s important to pick the correct athletic wear because it can better optimize your performance and it gives you one less thing to worry about when you’re counting down your reps. Make the obvious choice and start your workout with Obviously.

If you’re looking for an underwear pair that provides you with a quick office-to-gym transition, the AnatoMAX Boxer Brief 3-Inch Leg in the color black should be your new go-to. This pair was crafted specifically for everyday use so you can wear this during casual outings or at extreme exercise routines. The boxer brief will go smoothly underneath your workout shorts or business jeans for a comfortable fit, thanks to the intelligent design. You won’t have problems with the underwear causing itching, scratching or sweating because of the eco-friendly, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic properties. The fabric material features a 4-way stretch so that it will mold to your body without hindering any of your movements. It features the largest pouch anatomical pouch design for your comfort. Try this pair while you’re running and marvel at how well this pair will keep your boys in place.

Hello, sexy. The AnatoMAX brief has a minimal design and classic cut, great for the style makers in the gym. The brief was created with all of the best features the Obviously brand can offer– like the natural anatomical pouch that helps eradicate common underwear problems like heat built-up, readjusting, and general irritation. This fitted brief is exceptional for those who are looking for a roomier underwear without compromising with the stretchy fabric material. The leg openings have a higher cut for those who value additional freedom and comfortability in their underwear pair. The AnatoMAX Brief was intended for men who have more muscular legs as well. The deeper seat feature is ideal for those who lift weights and don’t want to worry about their pants riding down. The waistband is secure enough that the brief won’t slide down, no matter the movement.

The AnatoMAX Hipster Trunk has earned many rave reviews from customers who love the luxurious wearing experience. Put on the trunks and feel like you’re wrapped in total comfort during all of your workouts. It has the same features that you’ve come to know and love from the Obviously underwear brand. The pair has hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal AND eco-friendly properties to combat against the side effects of sweating. The AnatoMAX trunk comes with the anatomical pouch which helps create more space for your package which equals unparalleled comfort. This pair is excellent for those who have a slimmer body frame.

What kind of underwear do you like to wear to the gym? Are you going to exercise with Obviously underwear for support? What’s your favorite workout? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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