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Everyone has the same typical, weekly routine that involves pressing the snooze button a few dozen times in bed every morning, getting their wake-me-up cup of joe on their way to work, eating dinner, and then doing it all over again. Days start to blur together, and days slip into weeks then months. Take control of your days again, break that routine and get PUMP!ed for your week! At The Underwear Expert, we have compiled our top PUMP! underwear picks for your daily needs during the week.

Solve your Monday Blues by wearing them with the PUMP! Touchdown True Blue Boxers. The color combination is infused with navy, baby blue, and a light gray color for that sporty varsity look to get you energized for your week. The stretchy waistband will pleasantly situate itself right on your hips while the athletic leg elastics will conform to your thigh muscles to give proper support without that irritable fabric bunching. The quality content and mesh composition gives the wearer total comfort that will almost feel as good as your bed.

No one likes Tuesday. It’s not even the middle of the week and it’s so close to the weekend. Change that outlook and get hype for your Tuesday with your PUMP! Tiger Jock Strap. Formulated with a cotton/spandex blend, the jock straps gives ultimate stretchability and hold as it conforms perfectly with your body. The cup has a nice white stitching and navy piping detailing. The elastic waistband is made up of three different colors, orange, navy, and red for an eye-catching tri-colored combination. Tuesday isn’t a day for sluggishness anymore, throw on this pair and hit the week running. Go get ’em tiger.

You made it. It’s the middle of the week and you’ve been feeling pretty good about yourself. Take yourself out on a fancy date with your boo and celebrate Hump Day in style with the PUMP! Shock Wave Jockstrap. Everything about this commands attention with its bold color combination of cobalt and neon green. The elastic waistband offers supreme comfort while the custom colored leg elastics, and royal blue piping on the cup gives that subtle attention to detail.  The pouch is constructed out of a breathable mesh which allows for ultimate air circulation to keep you feeling as cool as a cucumber when all eyes are on you.

Give yourself a pat on the back, or let your boxers give you the biggest all-day hug for your rear- the week is almost over! It’s Thursday and time to whip out your PUMP! Touchdown Boxer Briefs. With its strong navy, red and white colors, this daring pair is great to wear underneath your work clothes for that boost of confidence. The double-cotton lined cup is ideal for your package’s support. The elastic band will stay snugly on your lower body with a soft touch on your skin.

It’s Friday! Time to kill it at work, then head off to your nightly activities with the PUMP! Flash Brief in red. The classic everyday brief gets a premium upgrade with the cotton hybrid body and a micromesh material for an even more intense comfort. The reinforced leg elastic means that this brief will give you an ideal wear since it won’t cut off your circulation or make it uncomfortable to put on. The red mesh cup, white piping and yellow stitching detailing livens up the brief for truly wild times.

Your weekend is now in full swing and it’s time to put on a pair that will keep up with you. It’s Saturday Night PUMP! Fever Jock! The fit is great with a sexy, package-enhancing look. The dramatic red color is incorporated with the breathable micro mesh material to keep you looking hot while staying cool and fresh with its ventilation system. The wide red, navy, and white waistband has the prominent, white “PUMP” letters give an aesthetic contrast to the red jock body. This jock will feel great under your clothes, and make your rear look even better.

It’s been a long week and it’s time to chill out with some Netflix and much-needed relaxation. Lay back into your lazy Sunday with PUMP! Classic Black Boxers. This sleek and sexy pair of boxers has a fabric composition of 94% cotton and 6% spandex material for a high quality, breathable material that has a very comfortable feel to your lower body. The classic black color has been dyed to resist fading in the wash so that you can wear this pair again and again, and it’ll still look brand new.

What was your favorite PUMP! Day of the Week? What makes you a PUMP! customer? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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