Get PUMP’ED! And Box Your Way To The Top

Get Pump'ed!

The muscular men you see at the gym walking around with their beach-ready bodies, with their shirts off, pulling hundreds of pounds of weights got that way thanks to a regime of challenging, high-intensity workouts that helps them bulk up, lean down and burn stored fat. Pull on a pair of gloves and learn how to box as a great new addition to your workout routine to change it up and add some much-needed variety to work out all of your muscles. Let’s get PUMP’ED! and learn about why boxing is a fantastic workout.

  • It’s incredibly healthy for you! Boxing targets your entire body since this workout combines cardio and strength. It alternates between periods of effort and active recovery, which helps your metabolism run faster to incinerate calories at a quicker rate. Compared to other fad workouts, boxing is a safer choice since it focuses on your form. The other workouts may require complicated positions that put you at risk for injury.
  •  Looking for a serious six-pack that you can bounce pennies off of? Forgo the sit-ups, and start boxing. Boxing maximizes your core and incorporates hip rotation so that you can get full extension with your arms and legs when you kick and punch your opponent or the punching bag. Because this isn’t an isolated ab work out and you’re using your entire body, you’ll burn more calories in every session which will quickly get you to the abs of your dreams in no time.
  • Now, ready to hear how you can start boxing? It’s easy! But it requires dedication. A lot of your beginning work requires a lot of learning about the basic boxing techniques so you can perfect it before you step into the ring. During the 3-6 month conditioning process of cardio, core and weight training, you’ll reach peak physical fitness to get you ready for the next stage.
  • Understand boxing fundamentals and basic positions. Boxing requires a lot of technicality with your body so that you can land the most powerful blow in a way that won’t harm your body. Learn how to ready your body in a stance; a boxing move that enables you to quickly dodge blows from your opponent and throw out sturdy punches. Your positioning differs depending on your dominant hand. If you’re a lefty, the correct position is to have your right foot directly in front of you, angled from your opponent at 45-degrees. It’s important where you place your right heel, which should align with where your left toe is. Make sure most of your weight is shifted to your back foot for balance. Keep your elbows tucked in and your hands up to protect your face by keeping your chin down. Place your right hand underneath your cheek, your left under your chin and your eyes on the opponent at all times.
  • Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Stay on your toes and keep moving; this is where the cardio workouts come in handy. You’ll tire out your opponent and be quicker with your movements if you don’t keep still. Be careful not to cross-step, this immediately negates your balance which puts you in a vulnerable position while you’re boxing.
  • Practice your attacks. It’s important to learn the basic punch movements before you enter the ring so it becomes second nature for you. After learning how to complete a jab, hook and uppercut punch, you can start making up your own combination to attack your opponent in consecutive movements to render them defenseless.
  • Learn how to block like a champion. It’s important to understand the two ways of being in boxing, as an attacker and a blocker. Minimize your opponent’s hits by using evasive maneuvers like a parry block where you use your hands to slap away your opponent’s punches. A slip tactic requires dexterity with your movements, creating a fluid motion as you sharply turn your hips and shoulders away from their hit. Blocking and rolling techniques are executed by having your gloves and forearms absorb most of the hits by acting as a barrier from your body. Be safe and take it at your own pace!

Boxing is a wonderful, high-intensity sport that expects you to move around in comfort. Because of the physical rigors this exercise demands from you, take the guesswork out of what underwear you should pick to wear for your conditioning workout at the gym. PUMP! Neon Fuel boxers appear in four vibrant colors with a classic cut that stops at your upper mid-thigh. The material has just enough fabric so it won’t ride up your rear or bunch around your lower body when you’re pulling off complicated positions and trying out boxing maneuvers. The pair was designed to give you a supportive fit with its micro-mesh fabric while the breathable, fitted fabric increases your comfort level. The thick white waistband pairs with the white stitching offer a nice detailed finish. Come ready to fight in your next match and get PUMP(ED)! with this athletic underwear. The PUMP! Neon Fuel Boxers comes in a solid color of turquoise, royal blue, red and yellow in sizes S – XL.

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