Freedom Reigns Photo Shoot Goes International

Buckle up tight, we’re going to Ibiza, Spain! There’s nothing better than a newly-released Freedom Reigns campaign, except for when that same campaign is shot in the beautiful country of Spain. The London and Ibiza based creative production studio, Flash Avenue Studio, had one of their very own acclaimed staff, Yuri, as the chief photographer to capture these truly international photos. The beachy-cool group of photographs feature model Gabor Hegyi in different Freedom Reign underwear and swimwear pairs shot outside beautiful settings.

The first of the Freedom Reigns photo shoot set is taken outside with Gabor wearing a blue Freedom iCandy Tee with the matching iCandy brief. He is seen leaning back and positioning his torso towards the camera to show off the great Freedom Reigns brief fit. It’s hard to see the low-rise cut, but the benefits of the contoured pouch can be seen perfectly. See how it accentuates and subtly lifts his package for a pleasing 3-dimensional appearance. The other images feature Gabor sitting in the middle of a rustic red-orange and white staircase. It’s a visually restrained location to allow the Freedom Reigns Aero Sport Trunks to take the center view. Yuri shot Gabor in other locations to show the swimwear in its natural environment: outside lounging on the beach, leaning against a wall, playing in the water and checking out the cool, rocky landscape. Gabor Hegyi is clearly cover boy material with his chiseled jaw, smoldering gaze, and lean physique. Check him out in his element.

What is your favorite Freedom Reigns photo shoot pose? What makes Freedom Reigns one of you go-to athletic brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Yuri from London for Freedom Reigns

Model Credit: Gabor Hegyi

Sponsored by Freedom Reigns

Location: Ibiza Spain


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