Go The Distance: Freedom Reigns Hero Sport Tank

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Freedom Reigns always impresses us with their athletic-inspired underwear collections. Each item always combines the perfect amount of functional details with an equal amount of stylish flair. Their collections aren’t just influenced by the gym, but they truly capture a sporty aesthetic and practical design that helps you get the most out of your athletic lifestyle, while helping you look and feel your best. With mesh details, color block patterns and high quality material, each product that Freedom Reigns develops is crafted with great care and attention to detail.

The Freedom Reigns Hero Sport Tank is no exception to the Freedom Reigns fashionable athletic initiative. These tanks are perfect for any type of exercise, from weight training to yoga and everything in between. The Freedom Reigns Hero Sport Tank is especially conducive to interval training as well. Interval training requires a lot of high endurance activity mixed with low intensity workouts, whether it be on the track or on the treadmill. When you’re training on such intense and varying levels, you need athletic gear that is going to help you go the extra distance.

The Freedom Reigns Hero Sport Tank is designed with a relaxed fit and a blocked mesh top. The blocked mesh top, of course, delivers a super stylish look, but it also promotes breathability and airflow when you’re between bursts of intense workouts. Interval training requires a lot of back and forth between different rates and degrees of intensity. During these varying levels of exercise, it’s important that you stay cool and comfortable; the 95% cotton composition also helps in this department. The cut of this tank is designed for an exceptional athletic fit that is sure to inspire you to go the extra distance.

Have you tried the Freedom Reigns Hero Sport Collection out at the gym? What makes Freedom Reigns one of you go-to athletic brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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