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There are a few reasons why men buy underwear online instead of settling for the 6-pack flannel underwear from Target. You guys aren’t looking to just get the job done, you want to get the job done really well. At the end of the day, the best underwear purchases come down to affordability, style, and comfort. Bear Skn offers underwear that meets all of those qualities you’re looking for. This is an underwear brand that we can get behind. If it’s anything that Bear Skn knows, it’s supreme soft goodness. Their collections hit it out of the park every time with its quality. Plus, they’re a body-positive, Kickstarter-funded company! Feel the Bear Skn comfort with their supple fabrics.

Feel comfort, times six. In a world where there are so many good deals with underwear, there’s really no reason to spend so much on a single pair. If you want to upgrade your style in one fell swoop, invest in the 6-pack of Neon Brights-Bamboo Boxer Briefs. You don’t have to do any guesswork to know that this is a fabulous selection of underwear. The colors come in neon bright orange, pink, and green. The softer-than-cotton bamboo boxer brief features a sustainable bamboo material with a signature mesh zone to give you extra breathability. It has moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties so you feel fresh and clean throughout your day. The adaptable fabric matches the temperature so you always feel comfortable in the winter and summer months. How’s that for convenience?

One of the main reasons why guys shy away from buying new underwear is because they think that the sagging is inevitable in any pair after long-term use. It gets uncomfortable when the fabric starts bunching up and you can feel it through your pants. This doesn’t always have to happen if you buy the right pair. Bear Skn Standard Issue Boxer Brief in Bear Hunter Camo print will blast all of your concerns away. This was crafted specifically for active guys who move a lot and need support to keep things… contained. The light elastic through the legs and four-way stretch cotton/elastane blended fabric eradicates sagging and stretching so your pair will hold its shape after many washes.  The comfortable pouch holds your package in place while the double-layered mesh pouch gives you extra air flow between your legs. You’ll feel total comfort when an underwear pair does what it’s supposed to do: perform so well that it feels like it’s bear(ly) there.

And last but not least, it’s the Bear Skn 2-Pack in passion flower purple.  We are taking it back to the basics with the standard issue underwear pair. The 2-pack comes in either trunks or briefs to suit your preferred undergarment choice. Traditionally, some underwear brands put their seaming in between the legs while they’re constructing the pair. Not Bear Skn. They moved it away from between the legs to reduce chafing. The one-inch waistband has special seam stitching for reduced roll-over, meaning it’ll stay put while laying plush against your skin. There’s a light elastic feature through the legs to prevent stretching. Bear Skn cares about your comfort and it shows in the detailing. The choice is clear, choose comfort today!

Did you learn anything new about the Bear Skn brand today? What’s your favorite pair featured? Have you felt Bear Skn comfort? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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