Are You Feeling Clever: An Underwear For The People

The election isn’t until November, but we’ve been in the throes of debates, caucuses, and media advertisements as the candidates campaign for the hearts of the American people. For the past few months, it’s been an informative period of time as we sit on our couches, at the bar with friends, and/or in front of our computer at work as we try to understand the candidates’ platform as much as possible to make a truly informed decision. With all of this sitting to absorb this information, why not do it in total comfort? Clever, the premiere underwear for the people, is a highly appealing option to reach for when you don’t want to think about feeling that awkward, strained discomfort of an ill-designed pair of underwear. Throw on a pair of Clevers, kick back, and relax knowing you can just focus on the issues.

The Clever Limited Edition Boxer Briefs  is an underwear we can believe in. Made from a stretchy, sleek fabric that is guaranteed to fit you in all of the right places, it provides a long lasting snugness that won’t feel too tight or uncomfortable. The beautifully blue colored boxer brief is full coverage, with the cut of the underwear tapering off at your upper mid-thigh to show off your legs. The pouch is contoured for support and muscle definition for a truly crowd-pleasing look.

Root for the presidential potentials with the Clever Pinerolo Boxers. The boxer is patterned in a simple, understated striped design that delivers an element of elegance to this sporty-looking boxer brief. The 91% polyester and 9% spandex stretch fabric gives a sleek and body-defining fit. The longer legs on the boxers help protect against feeling the burn of rubbing and chafing, which makes it the perfect pair to wear underneath your clothes for intense athletic workouts or intense debates. The gold color is suited for champions which should help you send the good mojo vibes out to your preferred candidate.

The Clever Deox Jockstrap is designed for a cheeky, hybrid twist. The fit is a sexy low-rise brief with the rear-facing view stitched in the sporty cutout design of a jockstrap. Yes, we can have the familiar support and fit that wearers would expect from a typical jockstrap, thanks to the wide rear straps and the curve-boosting cut-out design adding extra assistance. Don’t let these pair just be a dream, and make your visions come true in this sexy pair.

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Which candidate is your presidential favorite? Are you a fan of the gold-colored boxers like we are? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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