Big Boy Blue: Sexy Blue Boxer Briefs

There is no question: blue is the most popular color for a man to include in his underwear collection. It’s a color that’s suitable for almost any occasion imaginable. When you think about it, blue is the only color other than black that is commonly seen on men’s formal attire. This is because, compared to other color options, blue is uniquely handsome and versatile. It can look casual, formal, or anywhere in between. This is especially true for blue boxer briefs, where a discrete cut meets a reserved color.

When looking for blue boxer briefs that fit your personal style, you’ll want to consider the shade of blue, look at how wide the waistband is, and how low the legs go.Today’s underwear brands design blue boxer briefs in a multitude of shades. Navy blue still reigns supreme. A lot of men prefer this darker shade for it’s implied elegance. They’re the perfect foundational pair to wear under a suit to bring you comfort when and where you need it most and give you the confidence to rock a more formal look.

Blue boxer briefs are another staple pair of underwear every man should have in his personal collection. Not only is blue a great color in which most men already feel comfortable, but the boxer brief style is one every man should have a few pairs of – even men who typically prefer briefs. While boxer briefs cover more skin than briefs, trunks, or jocks, they still come with a sex appeal all their own. It’s a less-is-more kind of sex appeal. You show less, which incidentally provokes others to want to see more.

Lighter shades of blue comes off more youthful compared to the sophisticated look of navy blue, and sometimes that’s exactly what you want. The lighter blue boxer briefs are often accented with a lighter contrasting waistband and seams. This gives the pair its more casual appearance.

Whether you’re taste in underwear is more discrete and casual, or if you like to flaunt what you’ve got, there are enough blue boxer briefs out there to make everyone happy. Men with a more reserved taste may prefer darker shades of blue and waistbands with minimal branding. For the more showy man, we recommend something with a contoured pouch, and even better, with a contoured rear. Contouring seams show off what you got, just as sexier briefs or jockstraps would.

In our photo series below, first time model Albin Skogaas shows off the latest blue boxer briefs from a variety of brands. This 6’3″ hulking hunk of a Scandinavian man shows us how the shade of blue or the cut of the pair can change the mood the undies exude.










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For more information on these brands: Clever, Diesel, Hawai, Helux Gear, Mack Weldon, Mosmann, Oryx, Wood

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Albin Skogaas

Feature Image: Mack Weldon Blue Night Boxer Brief

Products Supplied by: Clever, Diesel, Hawai, Heluxgear, Mosmann, Oryx, Wood


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