Black Is The New Black

There are some things that never change, and one of them is the appeal of sleek black underwear. A classic never goes out of style, and black underwear is about as classic as underwear can get. White briefs have gone out the door. Loose boxer shorts are seldom worn. But black underwear has stood the test of time.

Today’s underwear brands know that black is the new black. Sure, the look is updated to fit modern aesthetics, but the inspiration remains the same. Everyone looks good in black underwear. Wear them under your business attire or on a promising date night. Always appropriate and always in style, you’ll never go wrong with something that’s solid black and fits properly.

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Garçon Model Brickell Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

This is black underwear done sleek and sexy. Not only is it cut to flatter, but the metallic silver logos that repeat around the waistband give it something extra. Depending on your own style, this brief can be a little classy or a little glam rock.

The Garçon Model Brickell Brief is made from a lightweight, nylon-based microfiber. The material gives it a smooth appearance, as well as a smooth touch on your skin. The brief’s cut is also the new classic. We call it a hip brief. It’s more narrow than yesteryear’s brief, but not so narrow it flirts with the idea of becoming a bikini. It’s a silhouette that can play into any guy’s style. It’s modern, full-coverage and incidentally sexy.

That’s one of the best things about black underwear. Because black goes with everything, any guy can dress black underwear with his own personal twist. And if the glitzy metallic waistband isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other pairs of black underwear out there.


teamm8 Super Low Black Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

This brief may have an everyday aesthetic, but it still packs a good amount of heat. A low-rise waist is a subtle way to bring sex appeal to any underwear design. Consider it a pair to make the average weekday sexier than ever before.

Something else that gives black underwear its universal appeal is its appropriateness for any occasion. Not only does black go with anything, but it can be worn for anything. Especially when the design is as refined as teamm8’s Super Low Black Brief. Just like a woman’s little black dress, a man’s black brief is a quick and easy way to dress to impress.


Mack Weldon Black Boxer Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

Mack Weldon’s take on black underwear is something in which more reserved guys will feel right at home. It’s still a slick look, but the brand’s trademark striped white waistband dresses it down for the most casual styles. The boxer brief cut is also more discrete than the modern brief, adding to its casual appeal.

Mack Weldon is a brand for the more mature guy, and when we say that, we aren’t talking about age. Where teamm8’s brief is subtly sexy, Mack Weldon’s boxer brief is subtly sophisticated. But beneath it’s subtle exterior is some impressive design. Mesh zones make it breathable and keep you cool. The brand’s no-roll waistband and stay-put leg design also ensure it stays in place and retains its shape after washing.


Bread & Boxers Black Boxer Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

This pair is for the man looking to discover underwear basics done right. If simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, then this pair simply can’t be beat. It’s reserved enough to work well on your typical weekday, and it’s handsome enough to wear when looking to impress that someone special on the weekend.

Black underwear is all about speaking volumes while saying little. No matter how it’s cut or designed, it’s usually the black color itself that makes the first impression. Whether it’s cute, edgy or basic in the best way, like Bread & Boxers’ Black Boxer Brief, it’s the most appropriate choice when you don’t know what the day has in store for you. We wouldn’t recommend an all-black underwear drawer, but if for some reason you stick to a single color, let black be it.


Wood Black Hip Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

Looking for a black brief that sits right between casual and stylish? This one is for you. It has a modern brief cut that’s relatively narrow without being too erotic. Add Wood’s trademark waistband with gold lettering and you get something playful and comfortable. As an extra bonus, Wood underwear is made from soft beech tree cellulose with some natural moisture-wicking properties.

A black hip brief is the quintessential underwear for the modern, stylish man. It combines the timeless look of black underwear and gives it what’s arguably the most contemporary cut available. A close second or possible first would be a square cut trunk. Either way, today’s underwear is all about sharp lines. And this brief is definitely sharp enough to make the cut.


Naked Signature Modal Cotton Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

The sex appeal of a hip brief silhouette meets the sharp look of solid black in this pair. And we mean solid black. The brand name is embossed along the waistband in slick dual tone lettering. You’ll have to get in close to see it. And with it’s dapper style, people will be more than willing.

No matter your preference in underwear style, there is a simple pair of black underwear that will leave you feeling confident. And since Naked underwear is made to feel as though there’s nothing there, this pair is bound to leave you feeling sexy to boot.


2(X)IST Electric Black Boxer Brief – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

This pair combines the classic look of black underwear with sporty touches and performance capabilities. It’s designed with a low-rise waist and longer legs and made from a moisture-wicking microfiber. Feel unstoppable at the gym or while sitting at your desk on the daily grind.

2(X)IST is another one of those underwear brands men have already fallen in love with – especially with their Electric Collection. The material is comfortable, sleek and always cut with sex appeal no matter how much skin is covered. The silicone-embossed waistband gives it just enough flair to keep things classic and interesting. And when 2(X)IST designs their take on black underwear, the result is something guaranteed to be a favorite pair.


Tani ActiveMode Black Trunk – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)

Tani combines performance capabilities with luxury materials in this pair. Contrasting seams give it a sporty edge. The high quality nylon gives your underwear collection a secret weapon of style. Wear this and your style is already on-point.

Luxury underwear brands are a little harder to come by in the men’s underwear market, but you know any brand that creates luxury men’s underwear does their black pairs right. Tani’s ActiveMode Collection is made from the finest Japanese nylon. Not only does the material wick away moisture, but it also blocks odor. Dye that material black, and it’s something the active man will get plenty of use out of.

What about you? Do you have a favorite classic black pair of undies? What’s your go-to? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe it’s time to update with some new classics!  Sign up for our Underwear of the Month Club, and get underwear just like these shipped to your door once a month.

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