Your Favorite Black Brief Is Waiting

If there is one essential piece to have in your underwear collection, it’s a black brief. Whether you’re “a brief guy” or not, black briefs are a must-have for several reasons. First and foremost, everyone looks good in a pair of form-fitting black underwear. Second, the modern brief style is both comfortable and discretely sexy, nothing like the over-sized saggy briefs of yesteryear. Finally, just about every underwear brand offers their own take on a black brief, putting their spin on the classic look. It can be sexy. It can be sporty. It can be casual.

A solid black brief looks great on its own, but it’s versatile enough to bring any color imaginable into the mix. This black brief from Aware Soho (below) is designed with orange and teal stripes on either side of the pouch, and a wide waistband with bold branding. This gives the black brief a sportier look. You also get a more masculine finish from the more square cut of the brief.



Wood is a brand that’s mastered underwear basics, and their Classic Black Brief (above) is equal parts classy and casual. The brand’s solid pairs of underwear are all designed with a clean, white waistband with gold letting on the right hip. It looks great against all of their color options, but looks best against black. The underwear’s black body puts more emphasis on the minimalistic waistband, and makes handsome use of the black/white contrast.

Another brand that’s mastered underwear basics: Calvin Klein. We doubt there is a more prolific name in the men’s underwear industry. Their Cotton Classic Black Brief (below) is the epitome of an underwear staple and a must-have. It’s a simple, sharp design, yet manages to stay soft around the edges with small repeated, iconic branding on the waistband. It’s about as casual as a black brief can get. It’s a brief that can go anywhere on any given day.



This black brief from underwear brand Romeo Rossi (above) is 100% black, all the way around. Normally this would result in something dapper or casual, but the narrow cut of this brief takes the pair into more erotic territory. The pair flirts with the idea of being a bikini-brief, with it’s low-rise waist and high cut legs. Looking for something sleek and sexy? This is it.



Andrew Christian underwear may be known for their wild designs and club-ready uses of color, but their Black Collection (above) keeps things relatively simple and comparatively sophisticated. The lettering on the waistband makes an impact with a slick modern font, and is highlighted by neon yellow stripes. The touch of bright color only hints at sportiness. The rest of the brief, though, is solid black, making this a more reserved option for fans of erotic brand.



This black brief from underwear brand Oryx (above), takes a classic approach. The waistband is narrow with white repeated branding that makes a subtle pop against the otherwise solid black pair. It’s another clean and simple take on black briefs, and one that any man could wear with confidence, regardless of his taste in underwear.

Black briefs are the ultimate underwear canvas, and the ultimate companion to every man’s wardrobe. They can go in any direction, all the while keeping things on the masculine, elegant side. A black brief is a suave underwear choice to begin with. No matter how an underwear brand builds on the style, that dapper disposition is bound to stay in-tact. Whether your collection is in need of serious updating or not, there’s always room for another black brief.


For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Aware Soho, Calvin Klein, Oryx, Romeo, Wood

How many black briefs do you own? Which black brief in your collection is your favorite, and why? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Sean Daniels I DT Model Management 

Feature Image: Oryx Black Brief


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  1. David says:

    My favorite black brief is the 2xist Shape: Maximize Brief. It has more of a bikini cut and has a larger pouch with a bit of lift to provide extra comfort and a little boost of “confidence”. They are made of 96% modal, which by far is my favorite underwear fabric. I also really like the design of the waistband which is a bold 2(X)IST centered in the front with thin white stripes all around the waist. I have about 25 pair of black briefs and these are the first ones I grab when they’re clean!

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