Create Your Beach Body With Radical Energy Swimwear

For the past few winter months, you’ve been dreaming about that warm, spring weather. Unless you already live on a sunny coast this time of year, now is a great time to start getting ready for the beach season to hit the gym before you take your workout routine outside. It’s also the perfect time to catch a good deal. If you check out underwear collections during the off-season months, you can find amazing prices on older, but still stylish, collections that are cycling out of the website. Find some affordable options to make a splash in this season! Get started on your beach body with Radical Energy Swimwear.

Want a quick dip in the pool before you head out for a night on the town? You’re looking for the Frason Swim Short in LA blue colors. This pair of shorts is decked out with lots of fashionable details so that you can get away with wearing this to your favorite bar, and more. The mid-rise cut, mid-thigh length, and zipper fly perfectly mirror the typical design of a pair of a pair of shorts. The sublimated fabric is fantastic at keeping the vivid colors of the blue stay bright and consistent through all of your wears. The 100% polyester fabric was made for durability and strength so it won’t snag or tear. It also has a comfortable, stretch component to it which helps create a flattering fit for you, in or out of the pool. The pair has both pockets on the side for your belongings, so you can be ready to go at any minute.

It’s game on with the Gary Brief in Ammo Black. Put this pair on and people won’t be asking for tickets to your gun show, just an up close peek to check out the unique ammo bullet print. The classic low-rise brief cut has less fabric to give you more performance with your range of motion. The elastic waistband provides structure and security. The golden/silver die drawstring detail matches the color scheme of the brief image for a nice, cohesive touch. This would be great to wear for laps around the pool or a nice summertime swim at the beach.

While we are anxiously awaiting t-shirt and shorts weather, we are also excited about attention-grabbing swimwear like the Brian Swim Trunk in Urban Camo. Cut with a masculine look, it gives you support and comfort where you want it the most. The 100% polyester fabric lasts a long time while keeping the print fresh and new. The image is a splash of black, pinks, oranges, reds and yellows for an artistic vibe. This pair is perfect to accompany you on all of your fit adventures, like beach volleyball or a long game of soccer on the sand.

Are you excited for summer? Do you want to show off your beach body in Radical Energy Swimwear? What’s your preferred summertime exercise? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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