Baskit, Welcome To The Underwear Club

Guys who know underwear know that basic pairs can still be a lot of fun. It’s those guys who tend to love the pairs that come out of Baskit. We added the Colorado-based brand to our Underwear of the Month Club because their aesthetic brings a fun twist to casual underwear. Baskit’s underwear designs are unafraid of bold pops of color. This gives their looks just enough of a sporty twist to stand out from other casual pairs in your drawer.

Pairs of Baskit underwear can have a bright body color or bright accents. In fact, most pairs have one of the two, and that’s what gives Baskit a lot of their playful energy. Their Ribbed Collection takes a relaxed and cozy material and fires it up just enough to look hot. Their Billy Boy Collection is made with a small pocket designed to hold a condom. Their latest collection, the Body Art Collection (not pictured here), takes the brand into previously uncharted territory. This new line is designed to resemble tattoos, and the result is a look that leaves just as strong of an impression.

Something else that made Baskit a must-have for our Underwear Club was their variety in underwear cuts. You have your briefs, boxer briefs, square-cut trunks, and jockstraps, but you also get boxer shorts, low-rise trunks, and the occasional jock-brief hybrid to mix things up. The variety in their products gives their looks a wider appeal. Whether you like your underwear casual, athletic or sexy, Baskit does it all.






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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Chris Nalbandian

Feature Image: Baskit Urban Low-Rise Trunk – Black


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