Get Back To Nature With Wood

Nature With Wood

Every day we’re all being pulled in a million different directions, from work meetings, social gatherings, to making sure you spend time with a significant other. If you’re going to be busy, it’s important to feel comfortable and natural, but sometimes this isn’t possible. So get back to nature with Wood Underwear styles.

Wood is known for creating styles that contour to your body and allow for everything to hang the way it was intended to without sacrificing support. The gusset design will help prevent riding up and uncomfortable bunching. The pouch in each style is supportive but not so much so that your package is lifted into an awkward, unnatural position. Your boys will hang naturally but won’t move around too much if you’re working up a sweat.

The fabric used by Wood for the solid colored styles is Lenzing Modal. It feels so soft against your skin, you may forget you’re wearing underwear at all! Lenzing Modal is made up of a beech tree cellulose blend, so it’s a soft and natural fabric. What a win, win! The fabric has some moisturizing wicking properties to prevent unwanted sweat and stickiness while you get on with your day. The Striate and Camouflage styles are made out of a Lenzing Tencel blend which is made from eucalyptus cellulose. This natural fabric is moisture wicking, antimicrobial and has thermocontrol properties.These styles are better for guys who love to stay active and want to stay dry and odor free. Wood Underwear offers different cuts for your different preferences, but each style still feels as natural as the last.

Where would you get back to nature with Wood underwear styles? What do you like most about Wood Underwear? What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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