Aware Soho Looks For The World Traveler In You

The London fashion scene is exemplified by their elegant and rich history of tailor-made clothing which has evolved into a quirky and edgy cool fashion scene. Some of the British fashion trends parallel America’s clothing sensibilities with the same propensities to wear all-black outfits and fashion forward clothing sets adorned with interesting splashes of colors. If you’re wanting to take your look to the international level and try out a few pairs of underwear you can take on your globe-trotting adventures, check out these Aware Soho looks that you can wear here or overseas.

British men are similar to American men since they both seek a wide variety of closet options. It’s fun to try out new trends, colors, and prints to vamp up the wardrobe. Check out the DAY Briefs in the color red for a perfect fit. Seriously. The brief was designed for men with muscular legs who wanted more comfort without sacrificing style. The roomy pouch has plenty of room to spare for your package while supporting it. The navy blue wide, soft elastic band has the Aware Soho logo embroidered in white on the front. The red, blue and white color scheme matches with the U.K. flag that you can wear as a nod to their culture. The sporty detailing and traditional brief cut is great to wear for any event during your travels.

Londoners tend to go for a smart style that’s approachable, clean, and chic. For the guys who are looking for all of those qualities in a pair, check out the Denim Boxers in dark blue. The 95% stretchy Egyptian cotton and 5% elastane fabric blend gives you uncompromising comfort with a fun denim design that will match with your favorite pair of jeans. Some of the best features about the boxers is the roomy front pouch and the shorter leg length feature, setting it apart from other boxer shorts. Put this on and immediately feel dressed up for any of your explorations.

Sometimes you want to feel a little piece of home when you’ve been away from your place. Have that with the Sailor Briefs in navy. The familiar striped print will leave you feeling less homesick. The classic pattern is a quintessential fashion trend that will resonate with people everywhere. The brief is sexy but relaxed, making this a highly versatile look that you can pair with any of your styles. The comfortable underwear has an extra soft elastic band and cotton with breathable capabilities to keep you sweat-free and cool. Take this pair anywhere with you around the world, it won’t ever go out of style.

What was your favorite Aware Soho look? What’s your favorite thing to do in London? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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