Aware Soho FIT Collection: Pair It With A Tank Top

When you’re shopping for new things in your wardrobe, it’s best to look for an item that will pair well with the other garments in your closet to ensure long-term wear. Aware Soho has a huge variety of underwear options that range from boxers, trunks, briefs and jockstraps along with limited edition tank tops for the fashionable athlete. At The Underwear Expert, we wanted to come up with three fabulous Aware Soho FIT Collection looks that go perfectly together. Sometimes, when you’re shopping, more is better than less!

We’re seeing red, and we aren’t mad about it! The Union Jack Tank Top and FIT Boxer Reds have the same shade of red for a winning outfit combination. The tank top features an iconic British symbol, the Union Jack Flag. The popular flag is steeped in historical meaning and it has a rich fashion past. Many fashion trends have adopted the image to their collections and it can be frequent seen on the runways. The tank top has contrasting seams at the border to draw attention to your arms. And if that doesn’t do the trick, the sexy sleeve cut outs should. The design will do a good job at showcasing your muscles. The FIT Boxers have a great sporty look for the active man. Not many outfits can boast a relaxed vibe with such bold colors, but this look communicates an easygoing vibe.

It’s all in the details with the America Tank Top and FIT Boxers in the color black. Aware Soho’s tank top features the iconic US flag as a tribute to their American customers. The solid-colored black shirt with seven white stripes feature a white, contrasting seam that runs along the neckline and shoulders. It pairs great with the FIT boxers because the underwear also has a similar sensibility. The designs are both simple with an eye-catching striping pattern. The black boxers have the “Aware Soho” white logo imprinted on the black waistband with two vertical stripes running down the left and right side of the underwear pair. For this sporty look, it’s all about the stripes.

Graduate from graphic tees to the Sixty Nine Tank Top. Now it’s time to show off those guns you’ve been working on! The top is constructed out of a breathable fabric to allow for maximum ventilation. The contrasting navy and white color scheme plus the sporty feel gives this shirt great versatility. You can pair this with anything white, blue, or red!  We chose the FIT Trunks in Navy because it’ll look fantastic with the tank top. If you live an active lifestyle, this should be your go-to outfit for workouts and casual hang outs!

Which was your favorite Aware Soho Fit Collection look? What’s makes Aware Soho one of your favorite underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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