Andrew Christian Animal Instincts: Be The King Of Your Jungle

Guys, we live in a pretty exciting time. Style has evolved to the point that we can now consider wild leopard prints an everyday look. There are many options that it can go with because it goes with every event, cut, style, color. But, if you don’t want to rock an everyday head-to-toe leopard look, we get that too. You can still be the king of the jungle with the Andrew Christian Animal Instincts collection. It features a limited edition animal print that creates the optical illusion that it’s been painted on, so it’ll feel like a second skin. It’s already earned 5-stars from many satisfied customers who love the fit and unique edition. Check out the Andrew Christian Animal Instincts in the patterned brief and thong to prove that this trend is still roaring away to become a fashion staple.

Can a leopard change their spots? We hope not! The Andrew Christian Animal Brief has a soft signature slimming black waistband with the “ANDREW CHRISTIAN” gold lettering logo printed on the band for a sophisticated feel. There’s a black trim around the pouch and leg openings to create a striking contrast. When you slip on these pairs, your package will fall right into a fun snuggle. Yes, a fun snuggle! It’s an intensely soft, anatomically shaped snuggle pouch that you will feel comfortable in. This pair was designed to prevent readjustment, sweating, chafing, sticking and squashing.The brief doesn’t just mold around your body, it’ll feel like you’re practically wearing nothing at all. Even with its effortlessly soft touch, you’ll still be reaping all of the benefits that wearing a great pair of underwear can give you.

If you want a more risque alternative, check out the Animal Christian Animal Thong. This will release the animal inside of you. The underwear garment fuses together the typical jock and thong aesthetics for a contemporary take. It encompasses the comfortable feeling of a brief along with the support you would get from a jock. The slimming Andrew Christian waistband is plush for a secure feeling and fit, and it includes a sexy back strap and leg straps to support and highlight all of your best features. The hang-free design gives plenty of room for your boys to breathe. The thong doesn’t have any hidden straps, cups or padding ensuring that it’s all you in pure animalistic glory.

Are you a fan of the Andrew Christian underwear brand? What’s your favorite style? Are you going to try out the Andrew Christian Animal Instincts collection?  Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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