Adrian C. Martin Will Get Your Heart PUMPing With Andres Ferrin

Andres Ferrin

Capturing amazing shots of really hot models seems difficult, yet Adrian C. Martin always makes it look so easy. His latest photoshoot with model Andres Ferrin leaves us wanting more and appreciating the close fit of PUMP! underwear styles.

Andres fills out PUMP! Underwear styles nicely in each shot. His muscular stature is further highlighted by the overall athletic vibe presented by each PUMP! style. Adrian uses different techniques in each photo to capture the essence of true beauty. In shots 2-4 he increases the contrast to enhance Andres’ muscles and to phase out the background so our main focus remains on his body and the PUMP! undies. The PUMP! Frost Joggers match the high contrast background and push Andres’ body further into the foreground in each shot. In each photo the geometric furniture brings in extra texture and linear design to each composition.

In images 5-7, Adrian captures each picture through glass to give it a hazy look and to also create a more interesting composition using the reflection of the light on the glass. The reflection curves around his face bringing the viewers attention right to Andres’ sharp jaw and soft eyes.The bright colors of the PUMP! Shockwave Jogger contrasts with his skin and the reflection to balance out each photo.The last 2 images are by far the most alluring in the bunch. Just picturing what lies beneath that small towel is enough to get anyone’s heart racing. The pure white color of he towel contrasts with his tanned skin and highlights his cut muscles for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The towel also balances out Andres’ torso in each of these images to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Are you hot and bothered for Andres Ferrin? What’s your favorite Adrian C. Martin photoshoot to date? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: PUMP!

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model Credit: Andrés Ferrin

Products supplied by PUMP! Underwear


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