Get Motivated With The Right Type Of Activewear For Your Workout

Activewear for your workout

It’s easy to roll out of bed and put on your nearest sweat pants to hit the gym. Yet, even though it gets the job done, it doesn’t optimize your workout routine, and you might even be hurting your results. If you wear the right exercise clothes to the gym, you aren’t just dressing for style, but you’re dressing for a more effective workout. You want to find a moisture-wicking head-to-toe outfit that has optimal breathability to give you airflow in the areas you would want it the most. It’s great to find activewear that gives you plenty of support because that’s what it was designed to do.

We have paired some of our favorite, beginner workouts and matched it with three quality activewear items. Each product hits the checklist for functionality and style for a comfortable wearing experience that you’ll enjoy during your exercise.

JOR Yoga Loungewear Color Turquoise (Striped white and turquoise color)

Activewear for your workout


It’s important to push yourself to the limit physically, but let’s not neglect our mental health. Start the day right with light stretching and a few minutes of meditation. If you practice these methods daily, it can lead to improved states of well-being, less anxiety and a calmer mind. To do this, you should start by sitting or laying somewhere still. Close your eyes and try to take deep breaths. You should begin feeling a sense of calmness. Try to focus your attention on your body and observe your breathing if your mind starts to wander away to trivial matters. The only important requirement is meditating somewhere that summons a sense of peace within you. Any uncluttered area in your house will do the job perfectly! Get into your JOR Yoga Striped Cropped Lounge pants to help you get you closer to nirvana. The super soft cotton material will feel superb against your skin. The contrasting dark blue elastic rim on your waistband and leg bands provide plenty of support.

CLEVER Kipsec Tank Top (Coral)

Activewear for your workout

If you’re on the hunt for a great back workout, you know that pull-ups are the way to go. It’s not the easiest to do and it can take a lot of practice including learning the correct form, but it does wonders for your upper back. It tackles your lats, mid-back, rear delts, biceps, forearms, and core. Throw on the CLEVER Kipsec Tanktop with its sleeveless cut-out detail to show off your arms and your shoulders — you’ll need to see your body in the mirror to get the proper form down! The 62% polyester and 38% nylon high-stretch microfiber fabric will feel good against your skin with its soft fabric. The pull-up is a classic body-weight exercise. It requires dangling off of a bar and pulling yourself up to chin-level, releasing the tension by slowly lowering down your arms and repeating. Instead of attempting this without training your body, go slowly to avoid frustration and injuries. Test your limits to determine how many pull-ups you can do. Make sure to use a pull-up bar that is shoulder-width length apart. Have a tight overhand grip on the bar and remember to keep your arms straight. Cross your feet behind you. Without moving your lower body, pull yourself as much as you possible can. The goal is to have your chin slightly above the bar. Pause, lower your body until your arms are straight and repeat. Do this twice a week, every other day, to train your body until you can consistently do consecutive pull-ups. Implement this in your workout routine for a stronger back!

Ergowear Gym Compression Shorts (Black)

Activewear for your workout

Athlete, meet shorts. Shorts, meet athlete. The Ergowear Black Compression Shorts is a favorite amongst many Underwear Expert readers. It’s smooth and sleek design is great for high-intensive sports that require you to be on the top of your game. The compression short was made to enhance your workout with its high-performing fabric, 100% ergonomic design, and 3-dimensional pouch. The longer length helps prevent chafing and rubbing, two common workout enemies! Wear this at your next spinning class. You’ve probably heard of the fitness class that has swept America by storm. It’s a form of indoor cycling meant for a cardio workout. The classes are set to music and led by a certified instructor. They typically last between 40 and 60 minutes. This type of workout is fantastic for those who want a low-impact workout, great for those who want to balance out higher-impact workouts or for those with joint problems. It’s a highly motivating workout that you can control at your own pace.

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