3 Ways to Style PUMP! Jock Straps For Confidence

The PUMP! Jock Straps collection knows a thing or two about confidence; wear it until you become it. A jock exudes a sense of self-possession thanks to its provocative design that immediately brings the heat to anyone’s wardrobe starting from the inside out. Intensify your look in PUMP! Jock Straps with 3 different ways to jazz up your style this year.

PUMP! Ninja Jock is about stealth. The black micro mesh material with its deceptively simple design packs a punch with its barely-there elastic lift to enhance you in all the right places. The mesh cup has an element of cool while actually helping you cool down there as you go about your day. Also, the Ninja Jock cup has a black piping and stitching for a nice, almost hidden detail. Sly.

Because a new pair of PUMP! jock straps that might be out of your comfort zone shouldn’t be uncomfortable. The reviews are in, and gentleman, the Fratboy Jock fits like a glove. It is blended with a grey cotton/spandex mix made for supreme stretchability without sacrificing its soft material properties. The jock has a wide navy and yellow elastic with detailed navy piping and a white accent stitched on all of the right places on the cup.

This year, solid colors are out and interesting details are in: get some color in your life. PUMP! Sonic Jock is versatile for athletics, everyday wear, and a surely welcome bedroom addition. The black stitching and mesh cup design is anything but ordinary with its electric blue elastic straps in the rear and waistband. Great for comfortable wear while highlighting your best features.

For more information on this brand: PUMP Jocks

What PUMP! Jocks do you want to try out this year? Which color do you think will look the best on you? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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