$12 Tuesday – Baskit Contrast Brief

It’s a new week which means there’s another Baskit $12 Tuesday deal being highlighted on the website for the taking!  This week, everyone’s favorite underwear brand, Baskit has an affordable deal for all of the elite sportsmen out there who want support–on and off the playing field. The Baskit Contrast Brief features a sexy and classic brief design in six complementary colors: purple/grey, white/teal, green/orange, black/red, blue/yellow and orange/grey. If it’s proving difficult to pick just one pair out of these six options, why not get them all at an affordable price point?

The Baskit Contrast Brief has a streamlined, sporty aesthetic look to it with its color-contrasting seams and waistband pairing beautifully with the solid-colored brief. Mix up this stylish underwear look with any of your workout clothes for a fashionable flair. The pair has been fitted with a contoured pouch to support and highlight your package. The mid-rise waistband has a comfortable design with the “Baskit” logo imprinted on the strip. The waistband will wrap around your lower body for a perfectly secure fit to keep everything up and where it is supposed to be. Thanks to the fabric’s stretch and lifting function, the brief will support your body during all of your most intense physical activities.

What’s your favorite colors to match together with the Baskit Contrast Brief? Are you excited about the $12 Tuesday deal? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Baskit

Photo Credit: Baskit

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