Why Yellow Undies Are A Bright Idea

Most men open their underwear drawers and don’t see yellow anywhere. It’s an uncommon color choice, and one that some brands don’t even dabble in. Which is a shame, because yellow undies are a simple way to add some cheery style to your wardrobe. They’re bright, they’re fun and they’re sure to earn you compliments.

A guy who wears yellow undies hasn’t lost touch with his inner child. He has a confident sense of style. He’s fashionable enough to even consider the color. And no matter your taste, yellow can be accented to fit your personal style.

Yellow undies are almost always contrasted by another color to tone down the powerful punch of color. Some brands use white waistbands and seams to keep things bright. Some brands use black accents to make things more sporty. Others pair yellow with warm colors such as pink and red to bring out the color’s warm side. It all depends on the shade of yellow. But no matter the shade, yellow underwear is something every guy could use at least one pair of.

Model Edward Frame wears eight pairs of yellow undies in our photoshoot below, each designed by a different brand. The brands give the color slightly different personalities and prove that aesthetic is never bound by color. Your taste in underwear can be bold or casual, trendy or simple, and there is still room for yellow undies.

Calvin Klein and Wood are featured with yellow trunks that keep the color casual. The bodies are solid yellow, accented only by bold waistband. But the waistband’s are bold in different ways. Wood’s clean white waistband always stands out, especially with its gold lettering. Calvin Klein’s black waistband is wide and made even bolder with its all-caps branding.

Xtremen, wearMEunder and Cocksox are a little less casual. These brands design their yellow undies with more accents for a trendier look. Cocksox goes the sporty route with black seams, and wearMEunder does something similar with bold white panels. Xtremen also achieves a sporty effect but with a thick grey waistband.

papi, Clever and Marcuse all do something less conventional on their yellow undies by bringing more colors into the mix. Clever and papi both use bright oranges to give their pairs some cultural flair. And then there is Marcuse. The use the color yellow as more of a jumping off point for a graphic print brief that’s all about a fun and vibrant energy.

For more information on these brands: Calvin Klein, Clever, Cocksox, Marcuse, papi, wearMEunder, Wood, Xtremen

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Edward Frame

Feature Image: Calvin Klein Intense Power Trunk – Yellow


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