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We tend to associate “water aerobics” with swim time at an old folks home, located somewhere in Southern Florida. A lot of one pieces, goggles, swim caps and water noodles come to mind. But if you add in some super stylish and highly practical Cocksox swimwear, all of a sudden water aerobics has a whole new connotation. Water aerobics is actually a great way to practice aerobic endurance, resistance training and overall is great for muscle development. And why not get the most out of your water aerobics exercise with a great pair Cocksox swim briefs?

Cocksox Swimwear isn’t just great for water aerobics, so if group exciercise isn’t your thing there are a ton of other aquatic exercises that Cocksox swimwear can help you out with, even if your plan is just to swim laps in the pool or the ocean. The first pair of swim briefs from Cocksox that is beneficial for any type of swim activity is the Boy Leg Swim Brief. The Boy Leg Swim Brief features the unique Cocksox® contour pouch for maximum comfort & support, a butt hugging seamless wrap around back and internal draw string for added comfort. The pouch is lined with a silky, lightweight nylon fabric and the 80% Polyester 20% Lycra® composition creates a substantial fit! It also helps that these swim briefs come in various stylish designs.

Cocksox SwimwearThe fabric found in the Neoprene Swim Trunk is exceptionally conducive towards any type of swim exercise. Neoprene adapts to the shape of your body and its underlying strength allows for rigorous action, which is perfect for hitting the waves. As always the Cocksox cut provides maximum comfort and support. Coupled with this stretchy and resilient fabric, and bold hip side zip and a contour pouch, these swim trunks deliver optimal swim results.
Cocksox Swimwear

The Drawstring Swim Brief is also a great option for a rigorous swim workout. The CX04 features an athletic cut, supportive snug pouch and an internal drawstring around the waist for extra support. The Drawstring Swim Brief is also made from a high quality, chlorine resistant Lycra®. These sporty swim briefs are ideal for swim training and intensive lap workouts, created for maximum durability.
Cocksox Swimwear

What type of swim exercise do you like to participate in? Exercise aside, which piece in the Cocksox Swimwear do you think is the most stylish? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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